STOP Dating Him Immediately! 3 Warning Signs He’s Playing You

Warning Signs He's Playing You

He is attractive and charming. He knows exactly what you want to hear. And he knows how to make your heart pound. But he never actually walks the talk. Does he? If you are dating a player and he is playing you, you will always know. You just need to look for it.

I could’ve used the word chased here, like a lot of people do, but the thing is a highly evolved high vibrational man will never, ever chase a woman.

Chasing a woman is something that is done by somebody that doesn’t feel like they deserve a great woman. Chasing is a lack of abundance, think about the terms we use with a chase.

Besides the bank Chase which is full of abundance.

When we’re chasing after another team, it means the team is better than us. We’re chasing them in the standings, it means they’re better than us. We’re chasing our dreams, which means we don’t know how to live our dreams. We’re chasing money. It means we don’t have an abundant mindset with money.

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So let’s talk about these three signs, these three things that will tell you that the man you’re with is not really pursuing you, he’s playing you.

3 Warning Signs He’s Playing You

1. Date One Promises.

Men who play know exactly what to say. A man who is playing a woman knows exactly what she wants to hear on date number one.

He’ll tell you how evolved he is.

If you’re a spiritual Yogi girl.

Or if you’re a girl that has done lots of self-work.

He’ll tell you about the spiritual path he’s been on.

He’ll tell you how he’s healed his inner child.

He’ll tell you flat out that he’s looking for a high vibrational partner to share life with, to be present, to be open with.

Now a man that is open like that will also say that, so you have to kind of put an asterisk next to it.

Because a really high vibrational man will actually tell you all the work that he’s done, and he’ll tell you when he’s ready for a real partnership. So date number one will seem strangely the same, except a man that’s playing you will take you to this level on date number two.

2. A Man Who’s Actually Your High Vibrational Partner Will Actually Allow You To Show Yourself Because He Wants To See The Real You.

He doesn’t want to play you, chase you, or anything, he wants to pursue you, and allow you to show the beauty of you.

But a man that’s playing you? The high vibrational talk stops, as a matter of fact, the conversation gets a little more sexual in nature.

He’s engaging you a little bit with dirty talk and texts. He might be doing it subliminally if he’s a really good player, or if he’s a mediocre player, he might right get down to the naughty and dirty right away.

You see, a player, once he feels that he has you on an emotional level because he knows a certain amount about women, he’ll try to play you sexually as quickly as possible. The real high vibrational man.

The person you want to spend time with and get to know could care less about sex because he already knows you’ve already made love to each other in his mind. So he doesn’t need to rush the sex, which leads us to number three.

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