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How To Prevent Burnout: 13 Signs You’re On The Edge

How To Prevent Burnout

10. Numb feelings. 

Increase in addictive behavior. Initially, this can show up as an excessive dependence on caffeine and/or sugar to stay alert and boost energy when feeling low. As things progress, increased dependence on drugs, alcohol, eating comfort foods or watching more television than usual can be signs you’re burning out and using these coping mechanisms to avoid acknowledging how you really feel.

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11. Inefficacy. 

Experiencing diminished personal accomplishment, a perceived decline in competence or productivity, and expending energy at work without seeing any results.

12. No Breaks.

– Vacation. You can’t remember the last time you took a single day off just to relax and do nothing. Or perhaps you haven’t had a vacation in over six or even twelve months.

– Recharge throughout the day. You may have a tendency to push through your work without taking a break. It’s one thing to be in the zone, but if you notice you’re not getting up to get a glass of water, stretch your legs, go on a walk or call a friend at least once every 90-120 minutes, you could be putting unnecessary stress on your body.

– Weekly Rituals. You haven’t made time for a rejuvenating activity in the last week (massage or any pampering treatment, a bath, cooking or reading a book simply for pleasure, going on a hike, etc.).

13. Not enough exercise. 

You aren’t making as much time to exercise or move your body as you would like.

These are 13 signs of burnout.

Now what?

What are some practical, simple & cost free anti burnout things to do?

First, go through the list above and circle your top three symptoms.

Next, ask yourself “Hmmm, what do I need? What will most support me?” for each of these areas.

For example, if you’re eating at your desk five days a week, what you need could be to connect with friends or colleagues over lunch more often, or to exercise during your lunch break. If you haven’t taken a vacation in over a year, what you need could be to schedule a vacation.

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Once you determine what you need, come up with an action step for each of these three areas.

An action step has a clear “What” and a “By When.” For example, Action Step: I will plan a vacation and book the tickets by next Thursday at 4pm.

Let us know in the comments below – what are your top symptoms of burnout? And what action(s) will you take to mitigate these symptoms?!  Be sure to leave a comment below and let us know!

Setting concrete goals is one of the best ways to ensure you’ll make a change.

Avoiding burnout starts by putting some of these preventative measures in place.

If you want even more accountability, you can recruit an anti-burnout partner. 

Tell this person what your action steps are and ask him or her to hold you accountable by checking in to make sure you’ve followed through. Getting support and setting clear action steps will help you implement these simple practices with greater ease. 

Written by: Vanessa Loder
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How To Prevent Burnout: 13 Signs You’re On The Edge
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