Can You Spot The 16 Hidden Circles In This Optical Illusion?


Spot Hidden Circles Optical Illusion

Did you know that most people are unable to find the hidden circles in this optical illusion? How good is your vision? Try this visual illusion to put your eyesight to the test!

Perception is the organization, identification, and interpretation of sensory information in order to represent and understand the presented information, or the environment.

All perception involves signals that go through the nervous system, which in turn result from physical or chemical stimulation of the sensory system.

Our mind is constantly trying to make sense of the world around us it can sometimes get a little out of control and make us start to see things. Since 19th-century scientists have been trying to research more on this topic. It is said that most of the time, our eyes miss out on the details and hence our mind creates a different picture.

It’s more like a miscommunication of senses. Our minds can be pretty tricky at times. Our brain makes certain decisions about the size with the help of adjacent objects. However, over time and constant research, scientists have found a way to mound that fact by creating illusions.

There is an age-old proverb that says that everything that meets our eyes isn’t true. As literary as it sounds, it’s scientific too.

Inserted below is a picture where you might see a couple of stripes, lines, and boxes made. Whereas, the truth is that there are 16 circles in that picture as well. Some people can detect these circles. And some cannot.  There is no magic involved, no strings attached, it’s all in your head.

This is a result of something known as an optical illusion. The visual illusion is another name given to it. It is an illusion that is caused due to the visual system and is characterized by a visual percept that appears to differ from reality. 

Go ahead. Try it yourself!

Find The Hidden Circles In The Optical Illusion Personality Test

Find The Hidden Circles
Find The Hidden Circles In The Optical Illusion Test

What can you see in the visual illusion?

There are numerous squares are organized in the picture along black and white lines. When you stare at the image repeatedly, it tends to modify its pattern; they start to perceive circles instead of squares.

Still confused and can’t find the circle hidden in the image?

Observational Guidelines for This Visual Illusion

Before you see the image, you should close your eyes for at least five seconds. Now, when you open your eyes, you need to spend at least 5 to 10 seconds examining the picture.

Within seconds of seeing the image, you will become able to spot where the circles are.

Hint For You To Spot The 16 Hidden Circles

find the hidden circle
Can You Spot The Hidden Circles?

Hint: If you concentrate on the vertical lines that form the boxes that are outside on the edges. You will notice that in each line there are four circles and in total there are 16 circles popping right out at you.

Isn’t this hidden circle test fun? How many circles could you spot in this visual optical illusion?

Mention your answer and share this with your family and friends and challenge their mind and vision!

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find the hidden circle
Find The Hidden Circles In The Optical Illusion: 16 Circles
Spot Hidden Circles Optical Illusion pin
Can You Spot The 16 Hidden Circles In This Optical Illusion?

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