What It Feels Like To Break Up With A Narcissist

Feels Like To Break Up With A Narcissist

It indeed feels suffocating to be in a relationship with a narcissist whose only concern is ‘Me’ and there is hardly any ‘You’ in that particular relationship. Quite obviously, this sort of relationship has an inevitable end and that is – break-up.

However, there are several implications of these relationships that keep haunting the second person in many ways even after the break-up.

Here are some of the most common emotional upheavals that the ex-partner of a Narcissist goes through after break-up along with some tips and tricks to deal with the same:

1. Obsession with one’s own self.

The main emotion related to a Narcissist is too much obsession with one’s own self.

This often leads to judging his or her partner all the time, which is indeed frustrating for the partner. Nevertheless, this might keep coming back as a menacing memory post-break-up as well and one cannot come out of the phase easily. In such cases, it is wise to remind the mind that there is no existence of the Narcissist anymore and the sooner one realizes that and moves on, the better. Usually, as per experts, three months is the average time that a partner requires after break up to be completely forgetful of the Narcissist.

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2. Never-ending abuses

Another major shortcoming of a Narcissist partner is facing the never-ending abuses followed by subsequent excuses that lead to a rationalization of behaviour by the other partner and what’s more irritating –

This never seems to stop and goes on and on. Even after a break-up, the habit of rationalization does not leave the other partner who remains strangled within these emotions. The one and the only way to break free from all is to maintain absolutely ‘zero’ contact with the nasty ‘Narcissist’.

3. Fault-finding and blaming

A Narcissist partner will always be fault-finding with the other partner who will have to bear the brunt of bundles of banes owing to the constant nagging of the Narcissist.

Due to the overflowing self-praise and simultaneously, looking down upon the partner will make the other person feel down and anxious. This can be related to having sex also because the Narcissist may get judgmental regarding this too. Evidently, each of these tantrums stops after break-up although thoughts do not. In order to thwart the thoughts from coming, it is advisable by experts to practice Yoga, deep breathing, exercising, aerobics, swimming or in short, engaging in anything every day.

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4. The sudden absence of everything 

After undergoing through continuous comments from the ‘all-perfect; Narcissist regarding loopholes, the break-up can lead to a sudden absence of everything no matter how disgusting they were.

It may be weird to hear but this really happens because one get accustomed to a kind or way of living and a sudden stoppage can feel odd and even monotonous because the excitement will not be there. However, there are ways to battle these too with so many interesting and exhilarating activities to do nowadays that includes hanging out or chilling out with friends as well. Life is completely free to be lived to the maximum possible extent. What more can one need to be happy!

5. Ashamed of staying in a relationship

One can even go to the extent of feeling ashamed of staying in a relationship with someone as nauseating as a ‘Narcissist’.

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