An Empath is the Best Mind Detective: 10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Mess Around Them

 December 13, 2016

The term ‘Empath’ has been picked up from Greek “em” (in) and “pathos” (feeling), and it means such a person who can feel what others feel. This sense of feeling is multiplied several times in an empath. They are more sensitive and empathetic than any ordinary empathetic person.

If you are an empath, you are able to feel too much because of your sensitivity to the surroundings. Sadly, you can sense more negative energies and act  malevolently. The misery, hate and maliciousness weigh down your soul. The reason why we are fed up of all the negative people and the negativity that ensues from them. Many empaths get badly affected when they can’t distinguish between their own feelings and those which are coming from the outside sources.  Others around us cannot feel what we go thorough and we are misdiagnosed with depression and bipolar disorder. It’s in our bone to absorb the negativity coming from others, and the following quote truly explains us so well.

“Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes.” – William Gibson

We are truly fed up, and here are the 10 reasons why you shouldn’t be messing around with us.


1) We can instantly detect lies, ‘big’ or ‘small’

This is the strongest power that an empath is blessed with. When you lie to an empath, they will know it almost instantly. Even though they may not be sure 100% but still they will get some kind of alarm signals. They can do it because they have this great ability to sense discomfort and dishonesty. Whether it is a harmless lie, or a big lie spoken blatantly on their face, they will sense it.


2) We can spot a wolf in sheep’s disguise.

This is somewhat similar to the first. It’s the most powerful tool we have in our kit. And  it’s the ability to identify the wolf disguised as a sheep. It’s those, who show all the time how well they mean, how good their intentions are, but inside they desire the worst for us. Empaths are much wiser than other people of their age and can penetrate through every falsehood.


3) We know when you are sarcastic.

Fake people always try to be flattery to be in the good books. Sycophancy is a skill they have honed too well. But, empaths can sniff every bit of falsehood, when you try to heap praise on them. We know when you don’t mean anything you are saying and your sarcasm is just meant to demean us.


4) You can’t hide your jealousy or hatred.

Like Jedi, empaths can also sense the hatred hidden in the people. When you pretend to be a friend to us, we can tell. When you have grudge against us, we can sense. We can tell when your feelings haven’t changed and you are just trying to show  that you have moved on.


5) We know your prejudices.

Racists and homophobics do exist among us. These people are there and they have been in the society. Some of them are brash enough to say extremely bad things on the face of the people they hate, there are others who are careful to not to speak about their hatred in public. Empaths can’t stand bigotry, and whether you  reveal your thoughts or not, we can easily sense them. 

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