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Do People Really Change

Are you getting torn between the need to accept your loved ones as they are and the desire to change them? Do people really change? And if yes, then how?

Do you frequently end up apologizing for your behavior to your colleagues and loved ones? Or do you have a special someone who repeatedly vows and invariably fails to change their certain habits? In either case, you must know how difficult it is to change a full-grown adult who is quite set in their ways. Fret not, it is not impossible to change or improve certain aspects of our personality, specific behavioral traits, habits, and attitudes, if we dedicatedly put some effort into the process.

So do people change? Yes, people can change, but not always, and certainly not everyone. If you are trying to modify specific aspects of your personality or meaning to change a person for their betterment, carefully go through all the points that we have covered.

Can Someone Change Their Personality?

When you hear the word “Personality”, you tend to think of a set of characteristics that are attached to an individual. You can’t be blamed if you assume that these traits will be consistent across the realms of place and time.

People’s personalities often give us a fair idea of how they are likely to behave or react in certain situations. Your teenage nephew Bob who is childlike, hyperactive, and nothing short of a menace, can never become a mature and sensible adult, right? You can be wrong. Do people really change with time?

Do People Really Change? Surprising Revelations!
Do people really change their personality traits with time?

According to a study, our personality can evolve over our entire lifespan, as we become more emotionally stable, warm, and good with external stressors, with age.

So, now the question is do people really change if they have personality disorders like narcissism or psychological challenges such as depression, anxiety, etc.? Is changing people or altering their thinking process possible over a relatively short period of time through treatment? Let’s find more on that with the help of the “Big Five”.

The Big Five Personality Traits: Do People Really Change?

According to mental health experts, the followings are the most important 5 traits that help us to uncover insights into an individual’s personality:

Do People Really Change? Surprising Revelations!
Do people really change their personalities?
  • Emotional Stability as opposed to Neuroticism (Instability)
  • Extroversion as opposed to Introversion
  • Openness (to experience) as opposed to Unconventionality
  • Agreeableness as opposed to Antagonism
  • Conscientiousness as opposed to Disinhibition

A study was conducted focusing on these 5 parameters and involving various forms of medical interventions like medications and different types of psychotherapy. The aim was to find the answer to the question of do people really change over a brief period with the help of treatment? You will be surprised by the revelations they found. Take a look:

  • Average changes in personality can be brought on by targeted treatment.
  • Changes that occurred as a result of intervention stayed consistent or improved over time.
  • Emotional stability and extroversion were the most responsive traits, while openness was the least.
  • A mix of various treatment strategies, especially different psychotherapies were conducive to positive changes in personality.
  • Treatments for anxiety disorder and personality disorder yielded the best results, while treatments for eating disorders and substance abuse didn’t fare so well.
  • Medical intervention needs to last for a minimum period of 4 weeks to significantly impact personality.

Why Do People Resist Change?

Have you been patiently waiting for someone to come around and mend their ways? Maybe, after keeping your life on hold for so long, your hope and optimism are waning, and you find yourself asking do people ever really change? If so, please bring your attention to the points that we are going to discuss next:

1. Intention Backed By Effort: Missing

Do People Really Change? Surprising Revelations!
Do people really change their toxic traits? Only if they acknowledge the truth

Whether you want someone else to change or your changing endeavor is self-targeted, you must realize a lasting change can only take place with a strong resolution and commitment. The person needs to willingly try to make a difference, take better decisions, and stick to their goals, for any treatment or strategy to work. You cannot simply:

  • Ask or expect someone to change if they don’t want to
  • Say you will change and go around making poor life choices
  • Believe that someone is going to change without any visible action on their part
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