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Are Ghosts Real? Here’s What Science Has To Say

Are Ghosts Real

Answer this: The night is dark and silent. No one’s home. You are about to go to sleep. What are you more afraid of – being alone or realizing that you are NOT alone in that darkness? Most of us are scared of the things that go bump in the night, whether we admit it or not. But are ghosts real? Let’s take a look at the science of GHOSTS!

It was a dark, stormy night

Story time:

I love when it rains. So the storm brewing outside put me at ease and made me feel relaxed after a long tiring day. As I laid on my bed and finally started to drift off to sleep, I felt a jolt in my body. An unknown fear took over me. I could not figure out what was going on as my heart started to feel heavier and my mind became deadened by terror. Stuck in a state of consciousness between wakefulness & sleep, I finally saw it move ever so slightly. 

It stood tall in one dark corner of the room staring into my soul with its empty eyes. I struggled to breathe, let alone scream for help, as I felt my body become paralyzed, unable to move. A lone tear carved its way from my eyes into my cheeks, as the thing started to move towards me. The tall, slender ‘shadow being’ loomed over me as it tried to reach for me with its bony, skeletal fingers. Unable to move, I promptly shut my eyes and prayed to god. The next thing I knew, it was morning and my phone was ringing. 

And thus, began my obsession with ghosts and the paranormal. I know my experience can be easily explained as an hypnagogic hallucination or an episode of sleep paralysis, but I know what I saw and felt that night. A quick Google search revealed that it’s not just me, millions of people around the world experience such shadow beings and ghosts. All of us can’t be crazy, right? 

I needed answers as I constantly kept asking myself was that real? Or am I nuts? Is there any proof that ghosts are real?

So I delved into the science of ghosts to answer the age old question – are ghosts real? And I welcome you in my journey into finding the truth. 

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The Science Of Ghosts: Are Ghosts Real?
Are Ghosts Real? Here’s What Science Has To Say

Ghost sightings are more common than you think

Did you know more than 46% of Americans believe that ghosts are real, according to a 2019 survey? In fact, further surveys reveal that 47% of Canadians and 28% of people from the UK believe in ghosts. What’s more, over 90% of people in Taiwan report seeing ghosts. Moreover, Asian countries like Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Japan and China celebrate ‘Ghost Day’ and ‘Ghost Month’ when ghosts, demons, spirits and ghouls are believed to roam around the living. This is similar to our celebration of Halloween or Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). 

But does our belief in the spirits of the dead make them real? Or is our belief in the supernatural shaped by fiction? Or is there a scientific explanation for such beliefs? Although science cannot fully explain the existence of ghosts, scientific research can shed some light into the darkness where ghosts lurk.

Let’s take a look at the science of ghosts and some scientific explanations to find our answer to  – Are Ghosts Real? But before we can dive deep into the science of spirits, we need to first define what ghosts and spirits mean in this context. 

Scientifically speaking: What are ghosts? 

We all have an idea of what a ghost is, but different countries and cultures perceive & describe ghosts differently. A ghost can have various appearances, shapes, sizes and types based on the region, religion and culture. However, in the most common sense, a ghost refers to the soul or spirit of a deceased individual, explains a 2011 study. While spirit is also defined as a disembodied soul thought of as separate from the body; ghost refers to the spirit of a dead person appearing to somebody still living,” the study adds. 

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Ghosts and spirits can also be of different types such as incorporeal and corporeal ghosts. While the former may appear as lifelike or transparent apparitions of their living selves, the latter category of ghosts typically appear as scary and horrible, like missing eyes or having a distorted face.

Have you ever seen an incorporeal or a corporeal ghost? Are ghosts actually real? Here is what the science of ghosts reveals about the truth.

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