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How A Narcissist Poisons You And Your Whole Being

How Narcissist Poisons You

Being with a narcissist can destroy you in every aspect, be it mental, physical, or psychological. A narcissist will always try to make sure that you doubt yourself, every step of the way. In some way or the other, a narcissist poisons you emotionally, one day at a time. But how does a narcissist poison you?

A Narcissist clearly crosses the boundaries of defying another person’s human rights and dignity, so much so that it is clearly classified as psychological and emotional abuse and domestic violence. They tear down a person’s psychological well-being in such an insidious and sadistic manner that the target becomes completely vulnerable, unprotected, and fearful.

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Who Is A Narcissist?

A narcissist is someone who just cannot think about someone else apart from themselves. They have a pathological need to dictate over everyone and if someone tries to defy them, they rain hell on them. In a narcissist’s world, there is no space for the other people in his life or their emotions.

How A Narcissist Poisons You And Your Whole Being?

Narcissists manipulate and bully their victims to such a point that, the victims start questioning themselves at every point in life. They have absolutely zero confidence in themselves and their abilities and constantly look for external validation from a narcissist. Additionally, they are also unable to take any kind of decisions by themselves, and will always depend on a narcissist for the same.

This happens when a narcissist dominates and brainwashes someone so much, that they lose their ability to perceive, decide and function on their own terms. Due to the immense psychological and emotional abuse, victims lose their sense of self and believe that the narcissist is always right.

This is further exploited when narcissists poison you emotionally by manipulating the truth and making statements like “You are crazy”, “I never said that”, or “you are imagining things.”

How A Narcissist Poisons You And Your Whole Being
How a narcissist poisons your mind

Narcissistic manipulation includes the Narcissist even stepping up the game by reinforcing what they say by backing it up with statements from friends, co-workers, or relatives that supposedly agree and ARE very concerned about the target/victim (and probably just more lies).

The target/victim is totally broken and unable to trust their own perceptions in life (the ones we take for granted as just knowing what to do in life, etc.,) so they isolate themselves because life is just too confusing and they fear it.

The ultimate goal of a narcissist is to take total control of their victim’s life, hence the constant emotional abuse and psychological abuse. They do not care even the slightest bit about how the victim is or what is she going through, as long as their needs are being met.

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Who does this? An answer is only a person with an extremely dark and disturbing mind. The main reason why a narcissist poisons you emotionally is that that way, you will be completely under their control.

A relationship with a narcissist always ends in a lot of pain and self-hatred. Even if you are able to cut ties with a narcissistic partner, you get out of the relationship completely broken and full of doubts about yourself.

It takes you from the goodness and normality that you have had all of your life to a dark place where you now have feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness because EVERYTHING you do is wrong and you are basically worthless.

Every step you take, you will think about it over and over again until the feeling of helplessness settles in like old times. Feeling useless and helpless all the time is another after-effect of going through narcissistic abuse.

This Is How You Can Break This Vicious Cycle Of Abuse

The good news is that you can overcome this! Whatever the narcissist has filled your brain with or no matter how he has destroyed your confidence, you can get all that back.

The very first step in achieving this is to accept that you are NOT useless and you are NOT at all worthless. Whatever the narcissist has filled your mind with, can be thrown out and you can again go back to being the person you were before you got into that painful relationship. However, these changes can only be made by you and only if you want to.

How A Narcissist Poisons You And Your Whole Being
How narcissists manipulate

Constantly tell yourself that the things the narcissist made you believe and feel are not true. You are much more than what he thinks of you. You are much more than what he made you feel. Once you start stripping away at the layers of abuse, you will find yourself once again.

The moment you have the education that helps you to see the truth about a narcissist, you can free yourself and break the vicious cycle.

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This is what starts you on your road to recovery, acknowledging the truth that this was situational and administered from a personality-disordered person. You are not to blame, you were conned into believing this person loved you, you trusted this person, believed in them, and gave them your love in return.

BUT they were NEVER that person – they were a sadistic and abusive person that caused you great distress. Know this and NEVER allow yourself to accept their abuse again.

Want to know more about how a narcissist poisons you? Check this video out below!

A narcissist poisons your mind

narcissist poisons you
Narcissist poisons you emotionally
This Is How Narcissists Poison You Emotionally
Narcissist poisons you emotionally
This Is How Narcissists Poison You Emotionally
Narcissist poisons you emotionally
How Narcissist Poisons You pin
Narcissist Poisons You Whole Being pin

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    I’m in the beginning phase of divorcing after 11+ years of being traumatized by a narcissist… I did not know there was such a person with these horrid behaviors… I am afraid of not finding peace or sanity ever again… reading this article has brought me to tears… I pray always that I can find some comfort one day

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