7 Tips to Help A Highly Sensitive Child Flourish in School

Tips to Help A Highly Sensitive Child Flourish in School

If a teacher or school does not embrace your child as an HSC then switch classes or consider other schooling options.

If those spending so much time with your child do not take your child’s needs seriously then school life could be problematic for your HSC. How can a teacher get the best out of a child they don’t even begin to understand?

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3. Plan for a Good Start

  • Assess what your child needs before starting a new school or class.
  • The unknown is often frightening for an HSC so an introduction to the teacher and a preview of the new classroom before they begin at school can make a huge difference.
  • Make a photo book of the school to get your child familiar with the environment before they are in it daily.
  • Ask the teacher to outline how the first day will look.
  • Discuss whether you can stay with your child until they are settled and feeling more confident.

If a child starts school with a positive experience it will certainly help in the long run.

4. Be Your Child’s Biggest Advocate

You will need to stand up for your child time and time again. If your child has been seated in a busy aisle when she needs a quiet space then speak up.

If your child comes home pale and wiped out then talk to the teacher about the school day. If your child spends the evening crying because he is overstimulated from a busy day, communicate with the teacher.

If you are yourself a highly sensitive person (HSP) this goes against the grain but you do need to be your child’s biggest advocate, even if it feels uncomfortable.

5. Keep Communicating with Your Child’s Teacher

Keep all communication channels open with your child’s teacher. When a school day goes horribly wrong for your HSC sit with the teacher and work out why. Keep talking.

And the same advice applies to your HSC too – talk to your child daily so they can share their school day with you see through their eyes.

Ask what they enjoyed about their day, what the worst part of their school day was, establish if anything evoked significant emotion (positive or negative).

6. Trust Your Instinct

As a parent, you know your child better than any other person on the planet. If you think your child is under par or has been affected by something at school you will usually be right.

Don’t rely on a teacher to confirm your instinct – your child is one of many in a class and it is impossible for a teacher to see and notice everything.

Trust your instinct and act on it.

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7. Know When to Pull the Plug

Or in other words, don’t be afraid to admit defeat if your HSC is not blossoming in his or her current school.

There are always other options and whilst many HSCs don’t like change they may well surprise you by positively accepting an alternative if they feel more at home in a new environment. Luckily I’m speaking from first-hand experience.

Remember that HSCs feel so much more than other children and many have a sense for what feels right. They know themselves where they feel at home.

7 Tips to Help A Highly Sensitive Child Flourish in School

Written by Amanda van Mulligen

Originally appeared on HappySensitiveKids.com

Having a highly sensitive child is nothing short than a blessing, and understanding what they want isn’t really that tough. All you need to do is focus on them, and simply observe and ask them, what they need from you, and their teachers. Give them that love, and support that they crave and want from you, and just see how they flourish.

7 Tips to Help A Highly Sensitive Child Flourish in School
Tips to Help A Highly Sensitive Child Flourish in School Pin
7 Tips to Help A Highly Sensitive Child Flourish in School
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