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15 Differences Between The Boy You Date And The Man You Marry

Differences Boy You Date Man You Marry

There is an old wife saying, the boy you date is not the man you marry. And it might be true because there can be many differences between the boy you date and the man you marry.

Every relationship might look perfect on the outside but in some of them, the love is seldom rooted. When one starts dating, one has longtime goals in mind which are completely understandable. But the fact is, not everyone you date is supposed to be the person you end up spending your life with.

Marriage is a long-term commitment, and one that is built on devotion, understanding, and emotional maturity. For a marriage to work, it’s very important to put in effort every day; it’s not always about having fun. We like to believe that the person we date in our teenage years or during our young adulthood is our soulmate, our life partner.

Research conducted by the Pew Research Center confirmed that about 60% of loving couples never get married to each other. Now, you must be asking, what goes wrong?

There could be numerous factors that influence the course of a relationship and determine if an existing romantic relationship will ever materialize into marriage or not. One of the reasons is love. The Pew research center survey conducted in 2013 also shows that the major criteria for 88% of Americans is love, lifelong commitment for 81%, and companionship for 76% of the participants.

Fewer others even said that relationships recognized in a religious ceremony (30%), financial stability (28%), or legal rights and benefits (23%) were very important reasons to marry. Love might be the fundamental requirement but it is not the only ingredient for a successful marriage.

Even though choices are distinct and subjective, these 15 differences between the boy you date and the man you marry might resonate with you. Check out for yourself.

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15 Differences Between The Boy You Date And The Man You Marry

1. Commitment 

The boy you date:

He wants to hang out with you without having any strings attached. Dating for him is fun and frivolous, and for him, there’s nothing to be serious about. It is more about being wild and free.

The sense of commitment is low and the raging hormones take control. If you try to talk to him about serious commitment, chances are he’ll flake or avoid the conversation.

The man you marry: 

He sets out with goals in his mind and is clear about the course of the relationship and where he wants to head with you in the future.

He is not scared of serious conversations that center around marriage and commitment, and he’s always open to it. For him, marriage is not a scary concept, and he’s all for it.

2. Respect

The boy you date:

He will always treat you like an option, and never a priority. For him, you’re someone with whom he’s having fun.

He will make you laugh at his substandard jokes, and expect you to treat him like a king. Respecting your partner is an alien concept for him.

The man you marry: 

One of the most important qualities the man you marry should have is that he respects you. And not just because you’re his significant other, but because you’re a human being.

This man knows how to respect others and treat all everyone with honor and respect. He is the man who perfectly represents good manners, chivalry, and mutual respect.

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3. Responsibility

The boy you date:

He wants it casual with you. He only wants the good parts of having to date you while abandoning the responsibility that you are. He turns a cold shoulder to accountability and leaves you hanging dry more often than you would like.

The man you marry: 

He never flees from responsibilities, is more than happy to take care of you, and commit to you, both emotionally and physically. He knows the value of a serious relationship, and he leaves no stone unturned to make sure it’s a success, and most importantly, that you’re happy.

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