There is an old wife saying, the boy you date is not the man you marry.

When you are a dating a guy that is perfect, you are almost in a love haze. There are significant differences between a boy you date and the man you marry. Dates often are superficial and slacker to begin with. It is fine if you find someone good to hang out with. The idea is to keep at it for a long time and check if he is truly compatible with you. Here are the manifest signs that you want to settle with a quality man and not an immature person!

1)  The boy you date often wants to hang out without any strings attached. The commitment level is low and the fun quotient high! The man you marry will ask you out but is clear about his intentions. He sets out a goal and tells you where he is headed.

2) The boy you love to date will only talk about people you know in a sarcastic tone and also pokes fun at the guy at the bar. Sharing funny stories often does not help him connect on a deeper level. The man you want to marry will on the other hand hold conversations about books and movies, music and common interests that help make a solid relationship in the long run.

3) The boy you date often does not want to share a committed relationship. Most men adore the prospect of having children and being a father but are seriously not prepared to take charge of responsibilities that come with fatherhood or even the sacrifices in relationship that help make them good husbands. The man you marry may have these same inhibitions but may change his mind overtime with being in your company.

4) The boy you date often will hear your attitude and will take it personally. Firing right back at you may be an even deal with the two of you at loggerheads! This may spiral into a fight and be harmful for the relationship. The man you marry can take you at will and also not fight back at every instance of you blowing the top.

5) The boy you date often calls you mean and immature. He goes on to prove himself to be a winner. A mature man fights fairly and squarely. He will not call you names and use expletives ever, even if he is very upset or angry. No use of physical force is used ever no matter how angry he gets.

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