10 Signs You Have A Toxic Mother-In-Law

 March 13, 2018

10 Signs You Have A Toxic Mother-In-Law

6.  She won’t respect you at all

Your opinions, your decisions, your privacy, none of these things will matter to her in the least. She’ll drop in at all hours without any prior notice and she’ll be disappointed that you didn’t roll out a red carpet every time.

You could have the cleanest house in the world but she’ll find some non-existent speck of dust to point at and complain about.

She’ll say she loves her grandchildren but she’ll spend a lot of time pointing out their faults to you and criticizing your parenting skills.


7.  She’ll punish you in a variety of ways

She’s really narrow-minded and petty so when she feels like you’ve done something wrong, she’ll punish you in many ways.

She’ll stop talking to you completely, she’ll try and take you on an extended guilt trip, she’ll tell you that everything is your fault and she’ll do her best to control you and your spouse.

If they don’t take her side, she’ll blame you for that as well. She’ll make it worse by lavishing her affection on her other children and their spouses.


8.  She’ll be a different person to the rest of the world

Her social standing is of utmost importance to her and she’ll do everything she can to ensure that she doesn’t lose it. In front of everyone else, she’ll be full of charm and she’ll portray herself as a loving mother to her children.

People might even believe that she’s philanthropic by nature and they won’t believe you when you say that you have problems with her. Don’t bother trying to tell them otherwise because it won’t work.


9.  She’s as narcissistic as they come

With all her narcissistic tendencies, it’s only natural that she tries to control all her kids to ensure that they never do anything that she doesn’t want them to.

She believes that everything they do is a reflection of her skills as a mother so she’ll do whatever she can to ensure that they don’t do anything that is not part of the plan she’s set out for them.

This is including their choice of spouse. So she’ll do her best to separate the two of you.


10.  She’ll try to make you believe that she cares

You’ll have some nice days when she behaves really well around you and things will begin to look brighter. You might start believing that she’s actually beginning to accept you.

But don’t let your guard drop. When you’re least expecting it, she’ll attack you and you will regret giving her the benefit of doubt.

You’ll go through a lot of torture if you aren’t paying attention so just accept that she’s not going to accept you and move on.


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10 Signs You Have A Toxic Mother-In-Law

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