What Is Your Superhero Archetype? QUIZ

What Is Your Superhero Archetype

Superheroes like Spiderman, Batman, and Hulk are very popular in modern society. They fit multiple multiple character archetypes. What is your superhero archetype? Find out with this quiz!

Psychoanalyst Dr. Carl Jung identified a whole range of archetypes passed down through cultures from ancient times, which are better understood today due to various superhero movies.  

There are a number of specific archetypes which fit the superhero genre and have been identified by people who love to immerse in the field and in the world of superheroes. That said there are many superheroes who fit multiple character archetypes. 

Here are some of the superhero archetypes:

1. Paragon

People with this superhero archetype are heart-extraverted. They inspire others and are the best at everything. Captain America and Uncle Sam are the best examples of these archetypes. These superheroes use a whole range of skills and powers to fight for the causes or values espoused by their nation. 

2. Enabled/Enhanced

This is a body extraverted archetype. Like Batman or Ironman, you have peak human-level fighting abilities. You are gifted with superior intelligence and genius-level tactical strategy. You may be interested in inventions and gadgets include cars. 

3. Myth and Magic

Superheroes like Dr. Strange or Wonder Woman are Spirit-extraverted. They have mystical and/or magical power. Also, their background is linked to magic and mythology across the ages.

4. Mentalist

This superhero archetype represents mind-extraverted. You are gifted with psionic abilities telepathy, clairvoyance, prognostication, etc like Professor X. You can use these powers to achieve your heroic ends. 

5. Elementalist

This superhero archetype represents Heart-introverted. See at Iceman, Aquaman, or Squirrel Girl, they are good at animal communication, elemental manipulation, and nature stuff. They can command the waves and the winds, or simply turn into a beast. 

6. Fundamental Forces

This archetype represents the mind-introverted personality. Like Marvel Girl or  Invisible Woman,  you hold the power to control forces of physics like light, gravity, or manipulate others. They have abilities like telekinesis. If people ignore you, it’s their loss!

7. Cosmic Guardian

This represents spirit introverted and wielders of the power cosmic. If you have this superhero archetype then you are imbued with cosmic awareness. See also Green Lantern, Silver Surfer, Captain Marvel. 

8. Morphee

Metamorph Archetype indicates body-introverted or transformative abilities. Like Ant-Man or Mr Fantastic, you hold the power to change your physical manifestation from one form to another. You may have more than one superpower or skill hidden within the same body that gives you an extra edge over others. 

Do you want to know your superhero archetype?

Take this Quiz now!

A psychologist was caught in a lab accident that melded his comic book collection with a tome on Jungian archetypes and this quiz was born!

This is a 15 item quiz and you have to answer simple questions like your what is your favorite fairy tale, are you a team player, how do you recharge yourself, and so on. There is no time limit, but don’t ponder too much on each question. Be spontaneous for accurate results. 

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What Is Your Superhero Archetype
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What Is Your Superhero Archetype? QUIZ
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What Is Your Superhero Archetype? QUIZ
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