16 Signs You Are Dealing With An Evil Person

Signs You Are Dealing With An Evil Person

8. Lack of Responsibility

An evil person has no sort of a moral compass.

They’ll do as they please and will never feel responsible for the pain they have caused to others.

If they sense any sort of blame coming their way, they’ll start redirecting it immediately.

They love to shift the blame to others and have no understanding of what an apology is.

They think apologizing is for the weak. They’d much rather make you apologize for THEIR mistakes.

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9. Warnings From Friends

A lot of the time one of the first signs that a person is truly evil is if their ‘friends’ and family issue you warnings.

They might talk about an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend who ran from them.

They might casually dismiss the problems with previous relationships and make excuses for the evil person in their lives.

This is a sort of manipulation, but it can also be seen as a warning sign of impending disaster.

In a sense, these people are telling you that something is wrong and that it’s your responsibility to do something about it.

Other times, the people in their lives will outright tell you that the evil person is not healthy and that you should avoid them at all costs.

In either case, don’t ignore the signs of a truly evil person, especially when people who supposedly love them are tipping you off about it.

10. Fair-weather Friend

If an evil person comes to your assistance, know that they are doing it for a purpose.

In other cases, they will only be there when things are going well for you. Once things start to go sour, they’re nowhere to be found.

11. Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, or Bigotry

Evil thrives when the good are divided.

This has made some of the evilest people in the world, from Hitler to Stalin to Osama bin Laden, so wildly successful.

They’ve taken the petty differences between people and used it to sow larger and larger rifts that end up in disaster.

Often, they use bigotry, homophobia, sexism, racism, and fascism, in general, to keep good people apart, and to breed more evil people in the world.

We won’t mince words here: white supremacists are evil. Racists are evil.

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