Top Reasons: How Parenting Makes You a Responsible Person

Top Reasons How Parenting Makes You a Responsible Person

Being a responsible parent is one of the most important jobs any person could ever take on.

No matter what age you are when you become a parent, raising a child matures you. It makes you want to be the best version of yourself possible in order to provide for and protect your little ones.

Responsible parents set a good example for their children. Children look to their parents as a guide for life. How parents behave when dealing with household, family, professional responsibilities, and financial management in marriage can have a direct effect on how a child views responsibility growing up.

Being responsible isn’t always easy, but it is always worth it.

Here are the 7 ways that being a parent teaches the value of being a responsible person.

1. Teaching by Example

The best parental advice parents can give is not by verbal assistance, but by watching their behavior.

Why? Because children are watching closely.

In her Michigan State University study, Kylie Rymanowicz says that children learn and imitate behaviors be observing and listening to those around them.

“This is sometimes called ‘observational learning,'” Rymanowicz says, “When children can learn things simply by observing others. The models do not have to be people that the child directly interacts with. Children learn from models all around them, on television, in the grocery store, at school, and at home”

After becoming parents, couples are responsible for teaching their children by their good examples.

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2. Financial Management in Marriage and Parenthood

According to a study by the United States Department of Agriculture, as of 2017, the cost of raising a child has jumped to a whopping $233,610. From diapers to college, that’s a lot of savings.

Research indicates that while millennials are more like to discuss their finances with their spouse, couples still find it difficult to talk about money.  In fact, according to an Acorns 2017 Money Matters Report, couples said they would rather admit how much they weigh than discuss how much money they make.

Learning how to discuss financial management in marriage is a big part of being responsible. It helps couples to devour debt, set a household budget, and take care of important family needs like food and clothing.

3. Giving the Right Parental Advice

As children grow and mature, they come to their parents with questions. They seek advice for problems they are having in school, with friends, and in romantic relationships.

It is up to parents to give their children the advice that will help resolve their problems in a responsible and mature way.

4. Learning to Discipline the Right Way

Learning to discipline your children properly is important. Responsible parents know that discipline is not about spankings, shouting, or punishments. It is about:

  • Teaching children how to behave appropriately at school, at home, with friends, and at social gatherings
  • Helping kids develop respect for those around them
  • Learning to understand and express their feelings
  • Choosing the right approach to discipline is where responsible parenting comes in.
  • Firm but fair punishments for poor behavior teaches children about consequences.

Discipline works best when parents have a loving relationship with their children. They should be able to communicate and have empathy for their kids.

Parents can start early by teaching their children some family ground rules. Such rules may include speaking kindly to others, taking care of their belongings, and helping out around the house.

Set clear limits that children can follow and praise them for their good behavior.

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5. Staying Connected in Marriage

Some of the best parental advice couples can follow is to put their marriage first.

Raising children is one of the most satisfying and rewarding things a couple can do together. However, couples should be careful not to let the romance slip out of their marriage during the hustle and bustle of parenting.

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