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10 Scientifically Proven Tips To Make Kids Happier

Are we being too harsh on children these days?

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Childhood is always a special time in anyone’s life. It is a discovery of play and wonder, amusement and great fulfillment. Regardless of circumstance, a child’s demands are always met by its parents. Happiness is almost certainly a trait that is commonly seen in children.

Here are the 10 scientifically proven tips for kids that make the little one happy:

1. Allow Plenty Of Time For Play:

It is important that the kid has fun along with homework, extracurricular stuff and sleep. From being a toddler to being an adolescent, it is crucial that children have a lot of play time, both at home and in school. A study at Boston College in the United States found that kids learn the most important lessons in life when they go out and play. With interactions with other adults and children, most kids simply learn a lot about interpersonal behavior.

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2. Take The Arguments And Heavy Discussions Outside Of The Home:

While the kids develop rapidly in their early teens, most have adult like problems and uncertainties that need a patient hearing. The child’s delicate psychological state can be negatively affected if the parent does not listen and hear his or her case in point. It is important that you hear out the children and never fight in front of them!


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3. Stop Comparing Children To Others:

There is a pressure working on all of us in society. Our kids are constantly told that they need to up their ante at every single moment. The pressure to succeed is humongous and we would all love our kids to duplicate success. But this comparing is not a good enough strategy and sends children into a shell.


4. Inculcate In The Child A Feeling Of Benefit Of Negative Emotions:

No child is mature enough to take negative emotions lightly. Adults often dole out “misbehavior” to their kids as punishment. This may not be rewarding in the long term. Children often regard negativity as something taboo. Try and acknowledge the fact that negative emotions are also part of the growing up phase in children and should be constructively followed.


5. Acknowledge The Efforts:

As a parent, it is critical that you focus on hard work the child is putting in at school and outside of it. The fact that carrying out a task typically enables the child to aim for the stars is critical in the growing up process. Say things like “you are good at this!” “Keep it up” etc.


6. Value The Family Traditions:

A child that grows up with a stable family is almost certainly going to perform better cognitively and in school. Having good family time often enables the child to feel loved and important, observe positive adult traits, guide and steer through life and develop a strong child and parent bond. A child is almost certainly able to verbalize its thoughts and feelings when he or she is in a stable familial set up.


7. Let Children Take Up Chances In Life:

Attentiveness to a child is necessary when he or she is growing up. Supervision is a must while you monitor every move you should also allow the child to take in chances in life. Resilience and maturity, and other life skills take form in your child.


8. A Sense Of Individual Responsibility Takes Shape:

Never let the child abdicate responsibility. It is necessary that you enable the child to take up responsibilities rather than shirking them.


9.Try And Create Happy Memories:

A simple study at Harvard showed researchers that a good happy memory about something in childhood often triggered a sense of benevolence in adults later on in life. It is thus imperative that children have a good deal of happy memories to live by.


10. Stay Happy As Adults To Inculcate The Same In Kids:

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