7 Things That May Trigger Your Anxiety

trigger your anxiety

Suffering from anxiety day in and day out is mentally and emotionally exhausting. Even though no one wants to feel anxious all the time, there are certain things that can end up triggering your anxiety, without you even realizing it.

I have anxiety. This is something I didn’t fully understand until I was in college. But when I think back to various moments in my life, I realize a lot of my actions and thoughts were pure because I was anxious, although I didn’t even know it yet. Anxiety is real. And it is exhausting. Although there are various levels of anxiety, I wanted to share some of the things I discovered as my triggers, which cause me to feel it the most.

Here Are 7 Things That May Trigger Your Anxiety

1. Being Overwhelmed.

The feeling of being overwhelmed can stem from a variety of things. I get overwhelmed when I have a lot going on, when I have that extra-long to-do list, when I feel like there isn’t enough time in the day, and when life seems to give me more than I feel like I can handle.

Every one of us feels anxiety at certain points in our lives. But for those of us who constantly have it, it can make such a simple thing turn into something much bigger. I get overwhelmed when I have a day off from work! This is because I know that in that one day I’ll try to get a million things done, and it causes me so much anxiety.

This is where prioritizing comes in, and it’s why a lot of people with anxiety have excellent time management skills. On days where I have a lot to do in a short amount of time, I make a to-do list and check off each item as it’s completed. This way, my brain can be organized and I won’t become overwhelmed if I take each task a step at a time.

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2. Being Unorganized.

Cleanliness plays a HUGE role in anxiety, believe it or not. When we are in a room filled with clutter, our minds become cluttered. A messy and unclean apartment or house provides no structure for us, and it causes anxiety when we end up coming home to a big mess rather than a cleaned, organized space.

Organization is huge. It makes things easily accessible and makes the space we live in more enjoyable overall.

If you feel like being more organized could ease your anxiety, try looking at Homegoods stores or Marshalls. They have some nice, affordable organizers for anything from makeup and jewelry to closet spaces and junk drawers. Even if you hate cleaning, I guarantee you’ll notice such a difference in your anxiety level when you come home to a clean, organized space.

3. Not Getting Enough Sleep.

On days where I get less than six hours of sleep, I’m basically miserable, irritable, and more depressed than usual. No sleep = severe anxiety for the next day, even if it takes a few hours for me to realize that. Whenever I’m extremely tired I feel like my anxiety stirs up unnecessary drama, makes me second guess myself, and puts me in this mindset where I feel like I can’t make any logical decisions.

I feel like this is because, at night, my dreams allow me to work through whatever lingering anxieties I may have going on in my head at a given time. Without those dreams, my brain is just all over the place.

I also feel this is because an anxious brain wastes way more energy throughout the day than an average person because we worry about everything. We exhaust ourselves since our minds, for the most part, are constantly racing.

anxiety and sleep
7 Things That May Trigger Your Anxiety

4. Feeling Insecure.

Being tired often leads to my insecurities being worse than they usually are. There are days where negative thoughts take over my head. My mind races and I suddenly hate my hairstyle, my clothes, and the fact that I have anxiety. I question my career choices, and random things I did 5 years ago or wherever my mind feels like taking me that day.

I can become harsh on myself and for the most part, I know I’m probably just tired or it’s just one of those days.

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