5 Reasons Why Introverts Love Their Bedroom So Much

5 Reasons Why Introverts Love Their Bedroom So Much

The Introvert’s Bedroom: It’s an escape from the world and an opportunity to live in our own world.

The introvert bedroom is a special place

Is your bedroom a place where you can spend infinite moments and days on end? Do you feel like being holed up in your bedroom after a long, tiring day? Welcome to the world of an introvert. For introverts, like me, our bedrooms are our safe havens.

It’s not that we are lazy or that we don’t like going out. It’s just that our bedrooms are our personal, private spaces where we can simply be. 

My bedroom reflects who I truly am. My bedroom is a manifestation of my inner being. It has vibrant colors coupled with serene tones. It has minimal furnishing with lots of open spaces. It has a couple of windows with the most pleasing views of the trees and the long stretch of open wide road outside. It is a unique and special place where I can stay away from everyone’s eyes, yet interact with various elements of nature. It is a place where I can sit in peace without any distraction or disturbance and simply be. Where I can think, ponder and reflect. My bedroom is a place where I can enjoy my own company. It’s my home.

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For every introvert, their own bedrooms hold a special value in their hearts, irrespective how big or small it may be. The introvert bedroom symbolizes what is of utmost importance to them: alone time.

Whether you like to read, watch Netflix, think about the divine mysteries of the cosmos or simply curl up in your bed and get some good sleep, our bedrooms offer us the opportunity to escape from the humdrum of society.

It is our escape from the world around us. It gives us the opportunity to live in our own world.

Understanding the importance of the introvert bedroom

Introverts are instinctively attracted towards places with fewer people, whether it’s outdoors or indoors. However, an introvert’s home, especially a bedroom with a shut door, is the epitome of privacy and solitude. With a minimalist bedroom design and an unobstructed view outside, an introvert feels the most comfortable to enjoy their own company. But why? Why is the introvert bedroom so important to them? 

Studies have found that although extroverts tend to be happier in social settings, introverts feel uncomfortable in crowded places. In fact, introverts are more comfortable in environments with less stimuli. Crowded places with a lot of commotion and noise can feel mentally and emotionally draining for introverts. This is why introverts avoid social settings and prefer to stay alone in their homes and bedrooms.

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5 Reasons Why Introverts Love Their Bedroom So Much

Why introverts love their bedroom

For most introverts, the world can often be too demanding at times. As introverts, we need to breathe, unwind, escape and get lost in our inner selves. 

5 Reasons Why Introverts Love Their Bedroom So Much

Here are a few reasons why introverts simply love being alone in their bedrooms:

1. It’s a way to recharge ourselves

The introvert bedroom provides us the opportunity to enjoy the tranquil of low key and quiet nights. It allows us to recharge our emotional, mental and spiritual energy that gets drained throughout the day.

Dr. Marti Olsen Laney, author of The Introvert Advantage, believes dopamine is the biological component that defines the behavior of introverts and extroverts. Although high levels of dopamine stimulates extroverts, introverts feel overwhelmed with the same levels of dopamine. This is why we prefer to curl up in bed and watch a movie or read a book instead of going to a party.

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