The Creepiest Thing About You Based On Your Zodiac Sign


A Scorpio keeps on imagining blood and gun-fire and how to devise ways for murdering someone. It doesn’t matter whom you are murdering and the victim can even be a child



You have isolated yourself from emotions. You don’t feel happiness or sadness anymore. You have traveled a long way and things don’t matter to you anymore. You hardly react. No matter what happens, you are extremely cold. You don’t express joy or sorrow even if it’s about you.



Behind your apparent modesty, there’s a darker side. You love to fantasize over murdering your loved ones. You had a fight with your girlfriend; you imagine what would happen if you murder her. You are pissed off with your boss. While working late night, you dream about ways to murder him. This gives you a great pleasure and it’s an excitement for you to think about these things.



You are less dark of the lot but you do think of deaths. Most appropriately, you think of what will you say at the funeral of your loved ones. Often, you write speeches you will be delivering at your best friend’s funeral. You often wonder what will you say when your mother dies. You indulge in fantasizing about these incidents.



The day-dreamer fish goes on to conquer the whole world. You love being a hero like Wonder Woman. You have grown up believing that heroes exist. You believe that any critical situation actually gives birth to a hero, that a hero’s superpowers are revealed in times of need.

You fantasize being a hero yourself and feel that if there’s any crisis, you will discover you have superpowers and save the whole world.


Creepy…aren’t they?

The Creepiest Thing About You Based On Your Zodiac Sign