Why I’d Rather Be Alone Than Waste Time Dating Assholes

Why I'd Rather Be Alone Than Waste Time Dating Assholes

Why I’d Rather Be Alone Than Waste Time Dating Assholes

Seriously though.

Dating is all a game, and not a fun one like beer pong. It’s more like playing Monopoly with a bunch of people who lie about having Boardwalk (when all they really have is Baltic Avenue).

Nobody really wants to play the game, but if we eventually want to get back into a relationship, then we have to. And like all games, it helps to have a strategy.

Why I'd Rather Be Alone Than Waste Time Dating Assholes

Mine is this: don’t waste time on jerks 

While this rule seems tried and true, it doesn’t change the fact that it seems like the majority of single guys out there are, in fact, assholes.

Which is why on most Friday nights, you’ll find me shot-gunning a pizza instead of out on some lame-o Tinder date with another guy who I’ll later find out has lost his license and is moving back in with his parents.

​So yeah, I’ll gladly spend some quality time with myself and my fish over some guy who isn’t interested in anything beyond the bedroom. It sounds cynical, I know, but I like to believe I’m being smart.

I’ve spent plenty of Friday nights chasing boys who seemed SUPER important at the time, but who’s names I’ve now forgotten. They all turned out to be duds, losers and on some special occasions, total dicks.

While I slightly hate them all for wasting my time, I do genuinely hope they someday blossom into beautiful swans who don’t take 10 days to text you back. 

Those fleeting romances were fun at the time, but now they’re just predictable. I can literally see booty call from a mile away — and I’m no longer interested.

If you’re still curious about all things casual, then I encourage you to safely try it. There’s no harm in playing the field and figuring out what you want.

But on the other end of the scale, there’s no harm in sitting a few rounds out. Dating can be exhausting and full of disappointments one right after the other. Sometimes it’s more fun to just be by yourself and enjoy your freedom.

You don’t have to remain completely closed off to the possibility of a relationship, and you don’t have to make it your main focus either. 

Live your life and be open to guys, but date with the mindset that your time is valuable and not to be wasted. Anyone who’s not in it for the right reasons will gladly step aside, leaving you with only real, viable romantic options.

Doesn’t that sound like a much better game?

Written by Emily Blackwood Republished from YourTango.com, with permission. Click here to view the original copy

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Why I'd Rather Be Alone Than Waste Time Dating Assholes
Why I’d Rather Be Alone Than Waste Time Dating Assholes

9 thoughts on “Why I’d Rather Be Alone Than Waste Time Dating Assholes”

  1. I like the 6 Date Rule – go out with them for 6 dates before sleeping with them (so the oxytocin and other ‘feel good’ hormones don’t take over). That way you see if your values are aligned and, if you actually like them after 6 dates.

    1. 6 dates still not long enough. I slept with someone for 45 years before finding out he had more dark secrets that he used against me the whole time. Wait. Your soul will tell you when it’s time.

    2. Thanks Pat, my ex disordered (read: narcissist) had me fooled for 8-years. But if I hadn’t of jumped into bed with him early on and if I had the 6 Date Rule, at least I would’ve (hopefully!) figured out that our morals and values were polar opposites – as I found out after the lying, cheating and thievery. :/

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