I’d Rather Be Alone Than Be With Anyone Who Doesn’t Deserve Me

We’ve been fed with the idea that love conquers all ever since we relied on “true love’s kiss” to wake us up from horrific spells and a thousand years’ worth of sleep.

I’m not saying this is wrong, as a matter of fact this post supports it, at least partially. Movies sugarcoat affairs I’ll give you that, they provide the public with a befitting ending they all hope to achieve someday, but in reality few of them ever get to see the curtain drop with a smile on their face.

As of 2013 more than 40% of couples who get married file for divorce, and most relationships at my age are meaningless hookups where the guy ends up being called an idiot and the girl a psycho.

We’ve been relying on sexual tension and physical attraction rather than actually getting to know someone and giving them the time of day, as they are entitled to. Dates now rarely finish off with the boy walking his significant other to the door of her house without the expectation of receiving a “happy ending” before midnight.

I’m not a fan of jumping onto something so deeply as sharing your life with someone in a matter of weeks or a couple of months. I strongly suggest people should reach the point of running out of topics to bring up in each social engagements or romantic getaways before taking the decision of embarking into something that compromises both parties (a relationship in simpler terms).

Sadly, most fail because all it took for the guy to “bring out the big guns” and start calling that girl his girlfriend was a couple of night outs with tequila shots and two months of making out in his car. Working to gain someone’s trust and actually getting to know them no longer exists; having long conversations that do not involve vain things and pointless drama don’t prevail in this century.

Hollywood Cinema is unrealistic yes, as a matter of fact up until a few years ago the idea a woman could live without a man has been brought up to the screen. But they are right in one aspect, and that is fighting for the person you care about or have feelings for; actually showing them you care and making the effort, going against all odds, families, gravity, jobs, just to be with that one person. Falling deeply in love with all their persona and putting power and muscle into it.

Which is why I’d rather be alone then with you.

A friend once told me that if someone wants to be with you they will make it happen. The fact that I became a choice in your life is a position I never planned nor am I proud to have become.

It took me years to realize this, constant conversations with the people I love and self-meditation.

I know deep in my heart at some point in your life you did actually care about me, but I also know my worth… and that’s something that unfortunately you cannot see.

What do you think?

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