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What’s Your Spirit Animal Based on Your Day of Birth?

Summon the Animal Spirit of Snake to bring wisdom, reveal the secrets of this world and fight your fears. Also, the animal spirit of Snake bestows uncanny intuition and can aid in the healing process.

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Your Mystical Powers: Wisdom, Magic, Earth Power, Fertility, Transformation, Fear, Healing, Intuition


Sunday: Dolphin, the Playful

This may surprise you but Apollo, the God of Sun, Arts, Blessings, Love, Sports and Magical Wisdom has picked Dolphin and his sacred animal. Apollo, transferred the Priests from Crete to his holiest temple turning himself as a dolphin. Thus, dolphins are considered to the brightest of all animals and at the same time aware of the unseen.

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The Spirit animal of Dolphin bestows optimism and creativity. Also, it helps our communication skills, making us understood and charming. Finally, Dolphin can be summoned to guide us in our darkest hours and bring hope and clarity in our hearts and minds. For the same reason, Dolphin can reveal secrets and teach us the sacred and arcane arts of Witchcraft.

Your Mystical Powers: Communication, Playfulness, Positivity, Strategy, Prophecy, Music and Meditation


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What's Your Spirit Animal based on your Day of Birth?
What’s Your Spirit Animal Based on Your Day of Birth?

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