This is Exactly How Society Kills Our Creativity- In A Breathtaking short film.

There is absolutely nothing in this world more pure than a child’s innocence. 

When we’re young the world is full of endless possibilities, and our imaginations are infinite. We have no boundaries and no self-doubt. Until we reach that blurry finish line of being “grown up”.

When I was a small child I would dream of becoming a famous singer. Or imagine myself to be the star of my favorite movies. As the years passed and I began to get older, my dreams seemed to take a backseat to responsible choices. Choosing a major was based on income rather than passion. Modern society does not open doorways for imagination, in fact, it’s quite insistent on closing them.

This adorable short film created by animators in Madrid sheds light on a silent but terrible problem. Our creativity being murdered in cold blood before ever getting a chance to begin.



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