8 Signs You Need To Stay Away From Social Media

stay away from social media
8 Signs You Need To Stay Away From Social Media
8 Signs You Need To Stay Away From Social Media

3. Your phone is the first thing you check

Did you know that over 80% of all smartphone users check their devices within 15 minutes after they wake up? If you are one of them, then you need to quit social media immediately as such behavior is associated with increased anxiety, stress, inattention, negative mood and depression. Moreover, checking social networking apps before sleep can also affect our sleep quality and lead to insomnia by stimulating your brain. One study found that people “who use their smartphones more at bedtime have more risk of being poor sleepers.” If you can’t start or end your day without scrolling through your mobile screen, then you are obsessed with it and it’s time to detox yourself.

4. You can’t live without your phone

Do you start scrolling through Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat or 9GAG without even realizing it? If you spend too much time on your phone and if it affects your education, work, relationships or normal life, then you are addicted to it and you need to deliberately stop it. According to recent statistics, an average person spends around 145 minutes on social media daily. So if you’re scrolling without even realizing it or feeling compelled to reach for your phone, whether you are in a meeting, at work, at school, while having dinner or talking to a loved one, then it’s safe to say that you are obsessed with your smartphone and you need to take a break.

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5. You lose it when you can’t check your phone

Do you have NOMOPHOBIA? Are you afraid of losing your phone or being unable to access social media? According to a recent 2020 study, no mobile phone phobia refers to the fear, anxiety, nervousness and discomfort felt by someone when they are without their mobile phone. The study found that it can “increase the likelihood of problematic dependent, prohibited and dangerous mobile phone use.” So if you experience anxiety, have a panic attack or freak out when you can’t check your social media profiles, then it may help to talk to a professional about staying away from your phone.

8 Signs You Need To Stay Away From Social Media
8 Signs You Need To Stay Away From Social Media

6. You use it as a distraction 

Taking a short break from work can help us refocus and be more creative and productive. However, if you are constantly running to grab your phone and check the latest post on Facebook or Instagram while at work, then it can not only keep you distracted from the task at hand, but also affect your concentration, attention, productivity and performance. As social media is addictive, we need to be very disciplined about how we use it and if you feel it is affecting your work, uninstall that app and go for a quick walk or chat with a coworker to refresh your mind. You can thank me later.

7. You don’t enjoy it

Social media is supposed to be fun and engaging. It is an interactive way to connect with people we know and meet new people. But if lately you feel it is more of an obligation than fun, if you are getting irritated, annoyed or sad by looking at the posts on your feed, if you feel guilty about wasting your time on it, then you should definitely step away. It is not supposed to make you feel stressed or anxious.

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8. You neglect your personal life

Being too obsessed with social media or constantly worrying about what you will post next to get more “likes” can seriously affect your personal life and relationships. It can also prevent you from pursuing your passions and hobbies, learning new skills and doing things associated with personal development. In fact, excessive use can also affect family dynamics and how families function. When you relentlessly scroll through your phone, you are rejecting opportunities for engaging in self-improvement activities that lead to satisfaction. 

Moreover, it can also affect your personality and turn you into a bully as the safety of being anonymous online often gives us the false confidence to insult or troll others. If you feel you are losing your genuine self and your life due to social networking, take steps to quit social media.

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