Our Love Was Built In Maybe

Our Love Was Built In Maybe

Maybe our love was not meant to be. 

I wonder, how many words can make my heart numb from the agony you gave it.

I wonder, how many empty cans of beers can make me forget about you, about us, everything.

They say time heal all wounds.

Bullshit. Is it?

Because every night, every second, I remember you. You, of all people. That damn face, I can’t forget the worse part.

I know, with all my heart you no longer care the worst part?

I’m not sure you ever did and it sucks. It sucks I’m only a trash in your eyes that I got lost in no time when you look at me.

Maybe i’m a martyr.

Maybe you’re insensitive.

Maybe that didn’t make us ‘we’.

But maybe I’ll be stuck with endless maybes because that’s how we’ll ever be, maybe.

Half of me died when you walked away. The other part is slowly decaying.

Waiting for you, waiting for an end.

I want to hope, heal, and love again with a fresh start.

I might not know how to do it.

See the light.

See the beauty in the darkness. Shattered heart and pain.

But i will, because i’m more than this, more than you.

I will for myself, for the one who will love me.

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Our Love Was Built In Maybe
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