i wonder,
how many words
can make my heart 
numb from the agony
you gave it.

i wonder,
how many
empty cans of beers
can make me forget
about you,
about us,

they say time
heal all wounds.
is it?

because every night,
every second,
i remember you.
you, of all people.
that damn face
i can’t forget

the worse part?
i know,
with all my heart
you no longer care
the worst part?
i’m not sure
you ever did
and it sucks

it sucks
i’m only a trash
in your eyes
that i got lost
in no time
when you look at me

maybe i’m a martyr
maybe you’re insensitive
maybe that didn’t make us ‘we’
but maybe i’ll be stuck
with endless maybes
because that’s how we’ll ever be


half of me died
when you walked away
the other part
is slowly decaying
waiting for you
waiting for an end

i want to hope
heal, and love
again with a fresh start
i might not know
how to do it
see the light
see the beauty
in the darkness
shattered heart
and pain

but i will
because i’m more than this,
more than you.
i will.
for myself
for the one
who will love

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About The Author

Angelo is a 22 year old millennial who's always thankful everyday that he is given a chance to write. He relates his life lessons through his writing in hopes to reach people and connect with them. He believes that regardless of our differences in culture, language, and religion -- we all have common denominator when it comes to emotions. It is his goal to make us all feel as if we're all one in this vast universe.Awards Class Valedictorian of 2010