8 Reasons Why People Fall Out Of Love And How To Avoid Them

8 Reasons Why People Fall Out Of Love And How To Avoid Them

Find out why people fall out of love and what can you do to avoid them.

The relationship is indeed like a ship, to continue the voyage you need to put in efforts if you just take it for granted then no matter how mighty you might think your relationship is, it will sink like Titanic did.

Relationships require attention, love and nurturing. Betrayal, misunderstandings, distrust are like fatal viruses ready to attack your relationship, to prevent them you need to make your relationship immune to them which can be done with love and respect.

Falling head over heels for someone takes a minute or less and that is easy, what is difficult is staying in love, the commitment to forever be with them.

8 reasons why people fall out of love and also how to avoid it.

1. The fading attraction

Everything is temporary and so is the attraction but when it comes to love, it doesn’t really like to follow the law of nature.

In love, you can make things happen. Why would the attraction fade away? It is your inability to have fun. If you observe carefully you will realize the date nights have stopped, no more holding hands, and no more attempts to surprise each other. Is it possible that we get bored? Probably!

When you fell for your partner there were multiple reasons, multiple things that you were attracted to, it’s about time that you revisit them and realizes that love back into your life. After all it’s all about putting in the efforts, isn’t it?

2. Lack of communication

Communication is the key to a relationship and when I say key I mean the key to both the entry and exit doors. When we start a relationship there is an abundance to talk and share, in this very process we fall for the things that we can relate to.

We talk about anything and everything, opening ourselves we share our insecurities and fear, we bring down the walls there by letting the other in our life.

But as time passes the communication withers. Talks feel repetitive and you don’t want to ask or tell the same thing again. There is so much criticism, defensiveness and silent treatment already that there is no effective way to sit down and discuss the issues.

As said earlier, communication is the key to a relationship. If you feel you’re falling out love, boost the communication with your partner. If you feel there is nothing to talk about, revisit the memories and talk about how those beautiful moments made you feel.

Ask your partner about their day and tell them about yours. There are plenty of ways to keep a conversation. After all it’s all about the efforts we are ready to put in.

3. Boredom

Changes are inevitable and people do change over time. Dreams and goals change and so do feelings. There is a term ‘love lost syndrome’ which about buried desire to be someone else and this thing often sets one to boredom.

Eventually, who you really are comes out and the new change changes pretty much everything.

To avoid this you need to know your partner inside out. Changes do happen and it’s okay. Keep your partner happy and go with the flow, accept the changes. Don’t let boredom cast a veil on the love of your life.

4. Love grows cold

The flame of love that once filled you with passion grows cold with time. Making love and complementing each other becomes tales of past.

With time you start taking your partner for granted. More than lovers you start treating each other like roommates. The flame is gone, the love has grown cold.

We do need distance at times to analyze things, to appreciate the presence of our partner. When your love grows cold, revisit the flames that ignited that love and passion.

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5. Dishonesty

Secrets are venom to a relationship. Cheating, lying, or hiding things destroy relationships and bring in distrust. Hiding things like drinking habits, losing jobs, getting promotions or anything is equivalent to lying.

This diminishes the credibility of a relationship.

Communication is the key to avoid this. Be honest with your partner. They accepted you for who you were and they will accept you for whatever you are, just be honest to them and communicate if you have some issues. Being clear will save you a lot of drama and time.

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