Let Spiritual Survival Kit Be Antidote To Coronoavirus Panic

Spiritual Survival Kit for Coronavirus Panic

Coronavirus panic is rising across the globe, but there is currently no vaccine to prevent the disease. So, let the Spiritual Survival Kit be the antidote!

Pointers for when it feels like shit hit the fan.

Inspired by the recent global events and the messages and worries of my clients, I’ve decided to make a little “Spiritual Survival Kit” to help anyone get by this difficult time.

Most of the people brought to my pages are highly sensitive beings. Anyone can be triggered during a global panic as it tends to resurface past life traumas associated with the mass hysteria – but sensitives are especially affected during this time. Especially if they are unaware of their energy and unable to manage their energy/emotions/input and output.


Below I have gathered some pointers I’ve learned through my own traumatic past and in healing and helping people work through theirs.

1. Find something positive in all things. I know this may seem hard because of the news, tv, minds, stress bank accounts, etc… But the harder it is the more necessary it becomes. Finding something positive to focus on can shift your whole mood and keep you from feeling like you are emotionally drowning. For some examples, I have been able to enjoy quality time with my children. I have been able to catch up on projects at home. I have been able to connect to people I wouldn’t usually connect to. I have found more appreciation and gratitude for everyday things once taken for granted.


2. Powdered nutritional (not diet) mixes are great for emergency food supplies and are easy to store as they don’t need to be refrigerated.

3. Spend time in nature! Seriously! Go for a walk! Earth is a natural transmuter of negative energy. So go for a walk! As you walk release your worries into Earth knowing Earth will transmute that energy into something beautiful and positive.

4. Children are THE MOST sensitive and receptive beings on this planet. If they are acting up, fighting, being reclusive NOTE that they are feeling the stress and negativity of this moment and help them find the “light” or be the light for others to help them work through their own negative thoughts and energy.

5. Meditate! It only takes 15-20 mins a day and it has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and raise positive vibrations and mood! Best of all it’s free. Here is a guided meditation I created to clear and ground energy.


6. Stick to statistics. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with negative “what ifs”. Understand that “what if” is actually just focusing on what isn’t and unless those are positive they will not be helpful. Prepare. But don’t overstress dumping all your savings into toilet paper, because “what if”.

7. Get resourceful and creative! Think outside the box! I have been in many situations growing up homeless and struggling in poverty where innovation was salvation. Understand that there is always an answer. Need an emergency diaper? Make a cloth one. Creativity can solve many issues!

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8. Stick to necessities! Bring out the camping gear! Make it fun if you can.

9. Have fun! Take a moment every day to do something relaxing. Like a craft, playing a card game with loved ones, going for a walk. Those will be the moments the kids remember when this is all said and done. But even if you don’t have kids it’s useful to take a moment and do something that will make you laugh and distract your mind.

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10. Call your largest bill companies. Many companies are initiating penalty-free windows for delayed payments because of the pandemic. See which ones don’t need to be paid (if money is tight and work is not paying) and save that money until you are sure you can pay that bill.

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