Finding a Creative Outlet to Reduce Your Daily Stress Levels

Everyone goes through stress in their lives, and it’s very difficult to avoid it entirely. Something unexpected will always come up to shake us from our stupor, and getting lost in the hassle of trying to juggle everything can really put us down. However, the way we deal with stress is what makes all the difference, and people who have developed good strategies can usually manage it with ease. The best of those strategies usually involve something creative because it can turn that forceful, negative energy of anxiety into something positive and inspiring. Want to know what are the best creative outlets for stress-management? Let us show you.

Painting or drawing

You really don’t need to be Picasso or Turner to paint something, and skill is definitely not something that you need to be born with. Start with stick figures if you like. No, seriously, start with stick figures and make little comics about your daily life. The more you practice, the more it will inspire you to create, and you can easily build your skills by following tutorials and simply investing your time. You can paint nature, you can make comics about your dog, you can draw portraits of your family, or you can do something else entirely. Even misshapen doodles are a fun way to distress, so try it.

Baking sweets

We often let cooking turn into a chore that’s there simply to keep us away from going hungry for the day. But baking sweets? Now, that’s something else. Peanut butter brownies with Nutella and whipped cream sound good? Chocolate chip cookies? Blueberry muffins? Make a treat for yourself, and then have fun arranging it on the plate, decorating it, and finally, eating it (you don’t even have to share!).

Dancing like no one’s watching

There’s nothing like letting the beat take you as you move around. Get lost in the rhythm and dance until all the stress is gone because it’s unbelievably liberating. You can grab a pair of sleek jazz shoes and sing up for dancing classes, meet new people who are just as eager to lose themselves in the music. You can make your own choreography, or you can simply dance at home to your favorite songs at home. Music can transform you if you let it.

Making something with your hands

From woodwork to knitting, using your hands to create things is a spiritually powerful experience. You can not only get rid of stress, but have something beautiful and practical at the end of the day, as a result of your hard work. It’s a real confidence booster to know that you made that cute pair of earrings that your friends keep complimenting whenever they see them.

Writing your heart out

Writing is also a great creative outlet, and it can take any form – from a journal entry to a start of a novel. Why not try to write a short story about someone from your life? You can look at writing prompts online if you need something to get you started. We recommend that you establish two rules: write at least 400 words a day and read a lot of books. After all, it’s how a lot of great writers started and all you need is consistency to get good.

Play, sing, or listen to music

Dancing isn’t the only way to enjoy music, and if you need something that’s less physically demanding, these are your other options. Simply closing your eyes and listening to your favorite tunes can inspire really good mood and positivity.

Starting a project with your friends

You can get creative and social if you want to! From making a quilt to getting together and crafting jewelry, you can make it a tradition to gather around one day of the week and work on something. And hey, if you get good, you could even start your own small business.

Creativity is a powerful force that can definitely defeat stress, so enjoy making things and let it wipe away anxiety!

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