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How Does Sex Affect Emotions? The Link Between Sex and Well-being

Sex Affect Emotions

Sex is good for our brains – at least according to sex therapist and neuroscientist, Dr. Nan Wise. Part of the explanation for this lies in the connection between sex and feelings. So, if you’re wondering “does sex affect emotions?”– the answer is yes, and in more ways than one.

Because of the intimate link between sex and feelings; satisfying sex, unsatisfying sex and even no sex at all – all has an impact on our emotions.

In this article, you’ll learn about three effects sex has on your emotional well-being – and they’re not always positive ones. 

1. Sex leads to greater well-being

Dr. Nan Wise means that more sex and pleasure all-round in life leads to increased happiness, productivity, and mental well-being. 

For some, sex doesn’t just lead to happiness – but rather, a high. One that some researchers compare to other highs – both natural and otherwise.

So, that would mean that the more sex you have, the happier you are, right? Well, not necessarily. 

Research has found that having sex once a week in a relationship leads to greater well-being. But well-being doesn’t seem to increase if you have sex more than once a week. 

While we may not understand why the effects of sex don’t increase the more often we have sex  – it’s clear to see sex can be beneficial to us in many ways. 

Knowing that the answer to the question “does sex affect emotions” – is yes, and in fact, positively so, might feel stressful. Especially if you’re struggling with low sex drive or a sexless relationship. 

You might feel like you’re missing out. 

Or that by not having sex, you’re making yourself feel bad in some way. 

If this is you, I want you to know that if you don’t want to have sex – you shouldn’t force yourself to. There are lots of ways of increasing libido (if that’s what you want), and one of them is working out why you don’t feel like having sex in the first place.

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2. Sex relieves stress among people of all genders 

Stress can be awful. Not only is our body working overtime to try and protect us from a perceived threat, our mind is also hijacked by worrying thoughts. Thankfully, there are lots of ways of relieving stress, and one of them, is actually having sex. 

When we have sex our body releases oxytocin (also known as the feel-good hormone). When this hormone is released we feel more relaxed, loved-up and at peace. Proof that the answer to the question “does sex affect emotions”, is yes. 

This is a bit of a catch-22 though – because we don’t necessarily want to have sex when we’re stressed. 

In fact, stress is one of the most common causes of low libido. 

But despite the negative connection between stress and sex drive, it doesn’t always mean we don’t have sex. In fact, for some people, sex and masturbation are their number one go-to for stress relief. 

In my online sex coach practice, I’ve found that those who identify as men, are more prone to dealing with stress through sex. Women on the other hand, are more likely to shut down sexually. This doesn’t mean men are more sexual than women, it just means we might deal with things differently.

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