How Female Sexuality Changes During Her Life

How Female Sexuality Changes During Her Life

Woman’s sexuality is a high divine gift. It fills with happiness, allows to live minutes of conception and years of motherhood.

It gives beauty and vitality to all living things around. She can, like the smell of a rose, attract happiness to the world of a woman.

It is not a grenade, which must be feared and not recyclables, which must be exchanged. She is given to a woman as a gift from God.

And if she knows how to cherish, appreciate, educate her sexuality, to be a true woman, then happiness comes to such a woman herself.

Wealth, consistency and other pleasures come into the life of a woman as a reward for her beautiful and pure sexual nature, in the appendage to the already existing happiness.

You can try to find out this sexuality features in yourself: to determine whether they correspond to what you are experiencing at this moment.

That any issues and difficulties can be an impetus for her awakening, for inner growth. Because for the full, happy sexuality, age limits simply do not exist.


So, let’s take a look at different sexuality at any age.

1. Romantic milestone 16–25 years

This is the time of entry into sexuality. In each meeting, she hopes to better understand the power of her emotions and feelings, to reveal her own sexual potential.

This period of her life is under the strong influence of the experience of childhood and adolescence.

Therefore, young women in a relationship look for feelings of security no less than adventure. One of the most important features of this age is romanticism.

This is a key combination for the psychology of this period: on the one hand, the thirst to know and discover their capabilities, and on the other, the endless expectation of the beautiful prince, the dream of a reliable and loving man who will be able to awaken her sexuality.


2. Creativity milestone 25–38 years

The period of natural stabilization of emotions: a woman already knows her body better and what needs to be done to be in harmony with it.

She is familiar with strong feelings, and therefore her desire to bring a creative note to sexuality is becoming more and more obvious: open yourself and your partner, surrender to your feelings and your inclination.

After 35 years, the feeling of the course of the notorious “biological clock” can either reduce sexuality to the goal of childbearing, and the role of a partner can only be reduced to the role of producer, or it can be filled with a joyful feeling from the two-sided desire to have a child.

If the previous stage passed without serious emotional injuries and failures in the relationship, the woman openly and fully enjoys the freedom to be herself and to follow her desires.


3. Sensitivity milestone 38–47 years

The turn of 40 years becomes a kind of moment of truth, when you need to clearly define the relationship in which a woman is with herself, with her body and desire.

Caring for motherhood recedes, reopening the path to desire, to enjoyment – or to new fears. Naturally, sexuality begins to line up around the sensation and image of femininity.

A characteristic feature of this period is the need to reconsider and overestimate one’s own identity as women.

During this period, many have already managed to create a harmonious relationship with their own body and not to depend on those models and models that are imposed on the woman from the outside.

Inner peace is born in it, it radiates strength and harmonious self-confidence. Numerous studies on the topic of female sexuality confirm that many have an orgasm for the first time at this particular age.

A woman gains confidence that allows her to assert her desire and live her sexuality easily.

At the moment of intimacy, a woman, first of all, listens to herself and her feelings, but also takes all their strength and fullness, not seeking to either hide their feelings, deny them, or run away from them, because it is during this period of life that they reach their highest expression. 

The sad irony is that in men, on the contrary, with aging, sexual problems increase.

Interesting fact: There exists a myth that only the young are sexually attractive. The culture we live in exalts youth.

But if your mirror isn’t reflecting a firm flesh, and lustrous locks, you may feel like the party is going on without you.

In reality, older women are quite sexy in most cases. Of course, thinning hair, cellulite, or a paunchy midriff do not adorn you.

But think back on what it was that made you attractive in your younger years. Was it your soulful brown eyes, sense of humor, your crooked smile?

Chances are, those attributes are still as appealing. In fact, most people consider that their partners’ physically attractive increases with age.


4. Comprehension milestone 47-50 years

The key four years are those that will allow the determination of the entry of a woman into her 50th birthday.

Come questions about your own couple: those who have invested their strength in family life, expected to receive joy and satisfaction from it.

Now they have to strengthen existing relationships or revise them. Not necessarily in order to come to a break, but in order to give them a new, living meaning.

On the threshold of the 50th anniversary, a woman again turns to the search for her own femininity and her relationship with sexuality.

This is a deep inner path of self-knowledge, which is in many ways similar to its previous intellectual and spiritual quest: it needs to clearly realize its belonging to the world of women.

Despite the fact that hormone level is really low right now, and the majority of people think that sex life is coming to the end, that’s not the truth.

As well as, the myth that sex becomes boring when you get older. Of course, libido is dropping and slower rates of arousal and the predictability of having the same partner for 20 years or more.

But in reality – sex is always as good as you make it.

Experience of an older man may pay off in improved sexual technique and a better understanding of what will please his partner.

Less penile sensitivity means he may be able to enjoy a wider range of erotic sensations and maintain his erection longer.

Many women begin to blossoms with maturity. Although longtime partners do have to contend with issues of familiarity in their relationship, these problems can be offset by greater emotional intimacy and trust.

Because inhibitions often lessen with age, sex at 47 or 55 may include a level of experimentation and playfulness you wouldn’t have dreamed of in your younger years.

-By TattaNech


How Female Sexuality Changes During Her Life