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Crucial Steps for Keeping Your Mind Forever Young

Crucial Steps for Keeping Your Mind Forever Young

Let’s face it: there’s simply no stopping the onset of age. Whether you’re a budding young professional who has a bright career ahead or a retired industry veteran who is well past your prime, the issue of age is a primary concern of workers all across the country. Moreover, age discrimination could even cause you to miss out an opportunity altogether.

As such, it’s important to keep your mind fresh, sharp and young. Not only will it increase your overall career success, but it could even let you overlook other signs of aging in order to avoid the arrival of the typical senior lifestyle.

Take Up a New Sport of Physical Hobby

Participating in sports or other recreational activities during your downtime is a great way to maintain a healthy body as well as a healthy mind. Many communities organize various sports leagues, including those of baseball, softball, basketball and even football. For those who would prefer something a little less physical, sports like golf, tennis and even jogging are all great alternatives.

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Read More Often

Simply reading more often can bolster your brainpower and help keep your mind forever young. Apart from increasing your mental health, reading can also lower stress, increase peace-of-mind and teach you new facts.

However, your friends’ daily social media posts, which are often limited in length and, in many cases, grammar or prose, aren’t going to cut it here. To receive the greatest benefit out of reading, you really need to be delving into something of substance. For best results, try to invest in some novels, a magazine subscription or even a reputable online publication.

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Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Regardless of your age, fresh air and sunlight is always helpful when maintaining a youthful mindset. In fact, several studies indicate that spending time in the great outdoors is actually beneficial to your mental and physical health. Findings have been published in such resources as the New York Times, Frontiers in Psychology and many more.

Moreover, it really doesn’t matter what you’re doing outdoors. Obviously those who are active will see better mental and physical results, but simply sitting, walking or laying in a hammock will surround you with nature, sunlight and fresh air.

Strengthen Your Vocabulary

While learning a new language is a great way to sharpen your mind, simply strengthening your own vocabulary and understating of your native tongue can go a long way in maintaining a healthy and young mind. According to ScienceDaily, those with deeper vocabularies may actually be able to offset some of the symptoms of dementia by utilizing the brain’s “cognitive reserve.”

Exercise Your Brain

We all understand the benefits of physical exercise. A better physique, improved endurance and a general increase in healthiness are all common. Likewise, you can exercise your brain as a means of sharpening your intellect, increasing your capacity for learning new concepts and strengthening your long-term memory. Studies have shown that adults who participate in this type of mental stimulation are 63 percent less likely to suffer from dementia in their older years.

There are plenty of brain games and mental exercises to help you work out your brain on a regular basis. Common games include crossword puzzles, Sudoku, anagrams, and even chess. Given the popularity of mobile computing and smartphones, a countless number of apps have also been developed to exercise that brain of yours.

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Discover Your Creative Side

Creativity comes in many forms. Whether it’s the act of learning a musical instrument, cooking elaborate meals, writing or painting, those who embrace their creative sides tend to maintain a younger, fresher mindset. In fact, a recent study from the Public Library of Science has linked the visual arts with greater psychological resilience, enhanced self-awareness and even stabilization of heart rate and blood pressure.

Work With Your Age Instead of Against It

Until a cure for aging is invented, we’re all going to experience the phenomenon. Instead of ignoring it or trying to delay the onset, the best way to handle the process of aging and, in some cases, counteract the negative aspects, is to maintain a proactive stance toward our mental health and fitness.

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