These 8 Special Characteristics Makes A Person sexually Attractive To Others

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These 8 Special Characteristics Makes A Person Sexually Attractive To Others


5. Being wanted is sexy 

According to Dr Aron, if you ask people about their experience of falling in love, about 90% will say that it was when discovered that the other person liked them. Being wanted is attractive. If you genuinely like someone, you should let them know about it. When someone knows that you are interested in them, they are likely to see you in a different light. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they will like you back but they indeed will focus on your actions around them a little more.


6. Emotional expressiveness

No. We aren’t telling you to spill yourself in front of every random person. When you find someone you gel with, open up in front of them emotionally. This is very attractive as it makes the person feel like you choose to trust them in a world full of people.


7. Self Awareness is cool

Someone who is aware of their strength and weakness is sexy. They know what they want in life and they won’t settle for anything less. This also saved a lot of time and tension of misunderstandings because they are pretty vocal about their wants.


8. How they make others feel sexy Around them 

Most of us fall in love with the way a person makes us feel about ourselves. Someone who makes others feel brilliant around them this is sexy as hell. The person feels good around you this way and is highly attracted to you.

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These 8 Special Characteristics Makes A Person sexually Attractive To Others

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