11 Signs You’re A Wolf Surrounded By A Flock Of Sheep

Signs You’re Wolf Surrounded By Flock Of Sheep

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(10)  You love the night:

Wolves are the soldiers of the night. They hunt when it’s dark into the night and hide behind the veil of this darkness. If you too enjoy this darkness, enjoy the late hours and feel pleasure in the unfathomable shadows of the night, then you have a wolf within you.

(11)  You are over-protective:

The wolf is protective of their pack. They would even risk their lives to save the ones they love. If you have this protective nature within you and can go at any length to protect the ones you love, then you have a personality like a wolf.

These are the signs of a wolf personality.

What do you think? Are you a wolf surrounded by a flock of sheep?

signs of a wolf personality
Signs You’re Wolf Surrounded By Flock Of Sheep Pin

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