10 Traits Of A Sigma Male



2) He likes to be self sufficient and independent.

A Sigma male doesn’t like to dependent on anyone. He is extremely courageous and resourceful.

His dedication, passion and hardworking nature are awe inspiring.

A Sigma male has all the leadership qualities of an alpha male but he doesn’t flaunt any of them because he has no point to prove to anyone.

He is an independent explorer who likes to have new experiences and increase his knowledge. A Sigma male is totally self-sufficient and capable of making his own way of life. He does not have to rely on anyone to meet his needs.


3) He likes silence.

A Sigma male likes silence not because he is shy but because he is reflective and observant. He is a man of few words. He will not speak something just to fill in the silence. He will take his time to listen, analyze, and think through before speaking.

That is one of the reasons, people look up to him every time he talks. Because he has something intriguing and mind blowing to share.


4) He likes to introspect and reflect.

A sigma male is an over thinker who thinks through all the pros and cons of the situation. He will have a bird’s eye view of every situation.

Since, a sigma male values his knowledge and growth; he will introspect and reflect about all his experiences so that he can grow and evolve from his learning.


4) He is intelligent.

A sigma male is very curious and intelligent.

He is an expert at observing and analyzing things and can quickly grab their essence. He will ask questions or research on a topic as much as he can to find an answer to something that intrigues his curiosity.

A sigma male is both book smart and street smart. Due to his curiosity and adventure seeking spirit, he is always on the lookout for experiences that expand his horizon.

He has wisdom that goes beyond his age.


5) He is a Rebel.

A Sigma will always be doing his own thing irrespective of whatever everyone around him is saying or doing.

He doesn’t care about societal labels or expectations and doesn’t feel a need to follow any rules to fit in. A Sigma male will rebel against anyone who tries to impose their lifestyle on him.

It’s not that he is trying to prove any point to anybody but he just follows his internal compass and ideals and will not bow down to any outside rules or authority.


6) He gets a lot of attention.

He gets a lot of female attention because of his mysterious nature, intelligence and independence.

But a sigma male would rather prefer to let the woman drool over him than engaging in a relationship with just anyone.

He is looking for someone who is equally free spirited and independent. He will quickly get turned off if someone tries to tie him down.


7) He doesn’t like someone to impose on his lifestyle.

A sigma male dances to the drum of his own beat. He doesn’t like someone imposing on his lifestyle.He doesn’t like anyone spelling out things for him nor does he like anyone placing social norms or expectations on him.

While a sigma male doesn’t look down upon people who follow societal norms but he knows that that’s not how he rolls.


8) He has his own style.

A sigma male does not follow any trends. He makes his own trend.

He is confident and comfortable in his own skin. His confidence and carefree attitude is his most attractive trait.