Why Depressed People Suffer From Anger and Irritability and Ways To Deal

Depressed People Suffer From Anger Irritability

Have you ever noticed that depressed people are sometimes highly prone to being angry and irritable, compared to others?

If you don’t think your anxiety, depression, sadness, and stress impact your physical health, think again. All of these emotions trigger chemical reactions in your body, which can lead to inflammation and a weakened immune system. Learn how to cope, sweet friend. There will always be dark days.  – Kris Carr

One of the common traits found in depressed people is anger. Now comes the question, why a depressed person is always angry?

The answer is a very simple one.

A depressed person fails to see the positive aspects of life. Life is a never-ending storm for them.

Depression is the result of some trauma; when the person cannot express or react to that trauma, depression sets in.

Depressed People

Slowly, depression grows with more such incidents, and with each passing day, the person stops interacting with the world.

They feel that the world can’t understand them. This makes them angry. Even if you are close to them, they will not think before expressing their anger because they are struggling a lot internally.

Researchers have worked extensively on the correlations among pain, anger, irritability, and depression. Anger, pain, and depression are interrelated.

Psychological pain is passed on to someone through anger.

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It takes just two steps.

1. You feel a lot of hurt inside yourself.

The feeling of hurt is experienced. Then comes the feeling of pity that the person feels on oneself thinking that they are victimized.

2. You show hate towards some people. 

In the second step where one starts experiencing hatred for the particular person.

It happens in the way which looks like, the person is suffering for a certain reason and the people who aren’t even responsible for it, have to pay.

It needs one to be wise enough to change this tendency. Being depressed is not good but that doesn’t mean that one will vent out one’s anger. It strongly affects the leading of a healthy life.

Irritability is another sign of depression. According to psychologists, adults who get angry or upset very easily are usually suffering from depression.

They are likely to react to even the smallest of annoyances. Even an insignificant thing triggers their inner trauma which forces them to react.

So, what is the solution?

Depressed People

While it might seem difficult to help a depressed person especially when they are angry, there are some ways that have been proven to be effective.

1. Express that you are there for them.

Saying, ‘I’m there for you,’ ‘Don’t worry, things will be fine’, ‘ I love you and I want you to feel better’, ‘Tell me if I can be of any help’ .

And similar comforting words can help a depressed person understand that they are not alone in this world and also the fact that they are loved too.

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2. Engage in physical activities with them.

Depressed people tend to slip into solitude which increases their depression.

Take them out for walks or engaging in any sports they love; you might watch a movie according to their choice or go out for lunch or dinner at their favorite restaurant or perhaps even learn something new together.

The point is to drag them out from their shell. They will start interacting with the world again and will slowly open up to you.

3. Be patient with the person suffering from depression.

Remember, whatever a depressed person says out of anger is not intentional. It’s just an outburst reflecting their inner turmoil.

Give them an ear to listen to them and a shoulder to cry on.

Depression can be fatal. If you understand depression well, you can pull back a depressed person into positivity once again. They need our help, our patience, our support, and a lot of warmth and love.

If you want to know more about why depressed people show anger and irritability, then check this video out below:

Why Depressed People Get Angry, And Ways To Handle Them
Why Depressed People Suffer From Anger and Irritability and Ways To Deal
Depressed People Suffer From Anger Irritability Pin
Why Depressed People Suffer From Anger and Irritability and Ways To Deal

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