Is He A Keeper? 12 Things Only A True Gentleman Will Do

He Keeper Things Only True Gentleman Will Do

Every woman wants to have a partner who will understand them, truly love them, and care for them. But guess what? Not every man is built like that, and it is only a gentleman who will be able to treat a woman nicely. You will only find these signs in a gentleman and not any other man. Gentlemen are rare to come across these days, but in case you do, hold on to him.

Men who dote on their partners and take care of their wishes are a catch. A gentleman always treats women with a lot of respect, and never ever does anything bad to them, even by mistake. A true gentleman is not someone that does the obvious chest-pounding and cat-calling, but has the confident reserve of a suitable prospect!

Here Are 12 Signs Of A Gentleman

1. He always tells the truth.

A gentleman almost always will speak the truth no matter what the circumstances are. He does not believe in lying and tricking someone in order to save his own skin. He always believes in the power of truth, and honesty and abides by these values. If you are dating a gentleman, be rest assured that he will never lie to you, no matter how uncomfortable the truth might be.

Even if the truth ends up putting him in an undesirable situation, he will still be honest. His sense of moral integrity is way higher than his ego, arrogance, or pride.

2. He stands up for what is right.

A true gentleman is not just a kind individual but someone who is brave too. His immense sense of courage always drives him to take a stand for what is right. No matter what happens, he will always speak up and stand by people who need support. A gentleman is hardly scared of anything when he knows what he is doing is right.

Whenever he sees someone being abused or ill-treated, he will confront the abuser and act as a guardian in his true right. He will never witness an injustice happening, and look the other way.

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3. He is very direct and straightforward.

If a gentleman is interested in a woman, he will not wait endlessly to call her or expect her to make the first move. Instead, he will ask her out for dinner and make the reservations himself. A gentleman always believes in taking the reins and being strong and smart enough to make your own decisions.

He will also bring in great wine and arrange for a lovely dinner, and after the date, he will ensure that she has safely reached home too. He never waits for others to do what he wants to do, he buckles up, and just goes for it.

4. He puts his partner at ease.

This is one of the most prominent signs that you are dating a gentleman. A thorough gentleman will make you feel at home and is someone you would love to talk to and feel endearing. Most people feel better and safe around him and he proves to be charismatic, and attractive even in the most awkward of settings.

He will always put the woman he is dating at ease, and will never make her feel uncomfortable and out of place. He is truly a class apart when it comes to manners and etiquette.

5. He is someone who keeps his word.

When you have a gentleman in your life, he will never have to jump through hoops to assure you that he will keep your word in confidence. When you tell him something private, and vulnerable, he will never even think of making it public or discussing it with somebody else. He understands the value of trust, and he will never break yours.

A gentleman is a man of his word. He will not show off his caliber but will do things that help you feel reassured, and he will put you, your emotions, and your priorities first.

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6. He will never discuss intimate moments.

It is one of the biggest signs that he is a gentleman when he will never gossip and discuss his sex life with his friends, and acquaintances. His personal and intimate life is extremely private for him, and he will never try to besmirch it by talking about it meaninglessly. He simply does not feel the need to. What is private will always remain private.

He respects his lady love and chooses to be quiet about his escapades instead of being boastful. He knows that showing off about how many women he has been with is not at all classy, and stays miles away from this kind of behavior.

7. He keeps himself well informed.

With events unfolding around the world, a gentleman will browse through newspapers and journals and have a thorough understanding of everything that is happening in the world. He knows that intelligence and smartness do not just come from books, it is also important to be updated about world affairs.

He has his expert opinion on every issue but will not force it down against anyone’s will. In any social gathering, chances are he will be the most well informed and educated person, but he will never show any kind of arrogance about that.

8. He takes the lead in courting.

This is another one of the signs that he is a gentleman. Since a gentleman is strong enough to court his lady, he is also comfortable taking the lead in showing how much he cares about her. He doesn’t shy away from asking her out and never sees it as a hit on his ego. Even when the woman he is interested in reciprocates his feelings, he never takes her for granted.

He will continue to woo her and make her feel special just like he did when he was courting her. This is the mark of a true gentleman, he never stops being amazing to the woman he loves.

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9. He seduces in a delicate way.

A gentleman is careful and romantic about his ladylove. He is not just interested to be her paramour but is careful with making inroads into her life and mind. He will not just look to jump into bed with her; he will want to make a place in her heart first, and then when she is fully comfortable with taking things further, will he get physically intimate with her.

He wants to carve a niche in her mind too, as he knows that the best way to win a woman over is to appeal to her mind, not just her body. Once he wins her heart and mind, he will become an important part of her life.

10. He wants to be an equal partner.

A gentleman never expects his partner to do everything in the relationship, and nor does he expect her to be responsible for the important things. He always looks to be an equal partner, someone who will help her fulfill everything together. He wants to be a shoulder for her to lean on. He wants her to trust him enough to know that he will always help her with everything.

He wants to be a partner that helps her pay the bills, explore the world alongside, and also experience the ups and downs in life. When you love someone, you are supposed to do everything together, and that is exactly what a gentleman believes.

11. He says “please and thank you!”.

A gentleman is often the most polite and classy soul you will come across, and his impeccable manners and strong personality will leave you in awe. For him manners are irreplaceable, and he has been raised in such a way, that he never compromises on that.

He will listen to you and always reaches for the door before you. He brings out the chair for you to sit. He is patient and always puts his manners into practice. He doesn’t do that only to flatter you, he does it because he that’s how he really thinks.

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12. He knows self-control.

A true gentleman will always stay in control of himself rather than taking control of others. He will rarely raise his voice or even get physical when he is angry. You will never see him curse or fly into a rage, and will always stay in control of his temper. His happiness lies in taking control of his own self and showing he cares for his ladylove!

A thorough gentleman shows his love and concern and not his control. He knows that giving in to anger all the time is not the solution for anything, nor does it help a situation in any way.

If you find these signs in your partner, then congratulations, you are lucky to be with a gentleman!

12 Signs You Have Found A True Gentleman
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