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12 Signs You Have Found A True Gentleman

It makes a lot of difference to actually love someone who is a thorough gentleman. A man who is true to his word is actually worth a million!

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Men who dote on their partners and take of their wishes are actually worth a catch. A gentleman is thoroughly in control of him and has a sense of humor that is impeccable.

A true gentleman is not someone that does the obvious chest-pounding and cat calling, but has the confident reserve of a suitable prospect!

Chivalry and good manners aside the gentleman is almost a dying breed. These people are so rare, that a lot of women may find a man’s good manners to be a sexual advance!

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Here are the tell tale signs that you have actually found a gentleman for yourself:

1_ Tells the truth:

A gentleman almost always will speak the truth no matter what the circumstance or the presence. He is almost certainly going to say the truth in front of his partner.

Even if the truth is not flattering of his ego, he will actually utter it. The sense of moral integrity for him is higher than his ego.


2_ He stands up for most:

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A true gentleman is not just a kind individual but someone who is brave too.

Whenever he sees someone being abused of ill treated, he will confront the abuser and acts as a guardian in his true right.


3_ Shows his interest and proposes directly:

If a gentleman is interested in a woman, he will not wait endlessly to call her. Instead he will ask her out for dinner and make the reservations himself.

He will also bring in great wine and arrange for a lovely dinner. After the date, he will also ensure that the girl is sent home safely too.


4_ Puts his partner at ease:

A thorough gentleman will make you feel at home and is someone you love to talk to and feel endearing. Most feel better around him and even in the most awkward of settings, he is charismatic and attractive.

He will put the girl at ease and is a class apart in etiquette.


5_ Someone who keeps his word:

The man in your life does not need to assure you that he keeps your word in confidence.

A gentleman is a man of his word. He will not show off his caliber but will do things that help you feel reassured.


6_ Never mention intimate moments:

The gentleman will never mention or even share his intimate moments with his friends and acquaintances. He simply does not feel the need to.

He respects his lady love and chooses to be quiet about his escapades instead of being boastful.


7_ He is well informed:

With events unfolding around the world, a gentleman will browse through newspapers and journals and have a thorough understanding of world events around him.

He has his expert opinion on every issue but will not force it down against anyone’s will.


8_ Takes the lead in courting:

Since a gentleman is strong enough to court his lady, he is also comfortable taking lead in showing how much he cares about others.


9_ Seduces in a delicate way:

A gentleman is careful about his lady love. He is not just interested to be her paramour but is careful with making inroads into her life and mind.

He wants to carve a niche in her mind too!


10_ He wants to be an equal partner:

A gentleman wants to be a shoulder to lean on. He does not want to be the father or a savior but be an equal half in a relationship.

He wants to be a partner that helps her pay the bills, explore the world alongside and also experience the ups and downs in life.


11_ Says “please and thank you!”

A gentleman often is the most polite soul you will come across in your daily life.

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