30 Little Things Every 20-Something Should Remember

 January 12, 2017

Are you 20-something and stuck in a quarter-life crisis? Figuring your life out becomes one heck of a roller-coaster ride. At times, everything is just all over the place. You almost seem to drown yourself in the ocean of confusions and dilemmas.

Before anything, it’s alright if you have not signed your first modeling contract yet, published your masterpiece or haven’t got married. You are only 20-something. You will figure things out.

It is high time time that you pick up few life lessons through experiences. So, explore, grab every opportunity, and utilize your everything you can.

Never give up on your dream. Work hard and keep in mind these simple things when you are in your 20’s.

1) It’s okay to let go few people from your life.

2) You are perfect the way you are. No need of discouraging or putting your self down.

3) Stretch out for opportunities. You have to work hard. Not everything will come on it’s own.

4) Stop already with “how fat I am”, “how skinny I am”, “too tall”, “too short. You are great the way you look.

5) Listen to your parents. Sit with them, have a talk, take advice and have a nice conversation.

6) You can totally change your job if you think that’s what right for you.

7) You will not come across as a rude friend if you feel that you want to quit on certain toxic or negative friends.

8) You are not alone. Everyone is fighting their own battle.

9) Follow your gut feelings, your instincts and it’s okay to listen to your own advice.

10) It’s natural for human beings to make mistakes. Learn from it. Don’t feel worthless about yourself.

11) Spend money smartly. Save up.

12) Be expressive with your emotions. It’s alright if you want to cry. You will not be tagged as weak.

13) You are not a teen anymore. Don’t wish to build a life out of fantasy and hold unrealistic views on life.

14) If you like someone, go and confess.

15) If you ever feel your love and romantic life is all messed up then don’t stress yourself about it. You will eventually meet the one who is meant to be with you.

16) Your group of friends will change and that’s alright.

17) Try to give time to your loved ones. Spend time with your family, relatives and close ones.

18) You are mature enough to make your own decisions. Don’t let others obligate your choices. Never let anyone influence your decisions.

19) Have an open mind about everything. Don’t judge anyone unnecessarily, call people with names, don’t talk behind someone’s back, and be considerate of others feelings.

20) Always stand up for yourself. Try to voice your opinion. Speak up, if you find something is wrong.

21) Learn to prioritize well. Always remember to put the important first rather than anything urgent.

22) Never let go off a good friend. Always hold on to that one friend who has been there for you through thick and thin.

23) Don’t act out of impulse. Think before you act. Have patience and be rational while making decisions.

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