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25 Important Milestones To Reach In Life (Besides Getting Married)

Important Milestones Reach In Life

Marriage is a sacred union, a wonderful experience. This article is not an attempt to make any argument against it. But often it is so sensationalized that it becomes the final frontier for people. As if it is the greatest milestone and their ultimate goal. Here are milestones to reach Iin life (besides getting married).

This article just attempts to remind you that there are plenty of other amazing experiences you can give a shot for besides getting married (or in addition to getting married, if you prefer it this way).

Here are 25 important milestones to reach in life:

1. Getting yourself your own apartment. No matter small or big it’s just yours, your own space, no parents, no siblings, no roommates only Yours.

2. Experiencing colours of love, I mean experiencing love and then break up but not letting it overwhelm you instead of finding inspiration and growth from it.

3. Fighting your phobia, facing your fear for once whether it is skydiving, scuba diving, performing a play, facing your fear is a huge step.

4. Helping people. Giving money, well which you yourself don’t have quite sufficient yet but still participating and giving your money to the needy or for a cause.

5. Taking your parents and younger siblings on a vacation.

travel - a milestone

6. Getting in touch with old friends that you regret losing touch with. Reaching out to them to let them know you miss them and wish to meet them again.

7. Opening your heart out in a speech at your best friend’s wedding.

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8. Taking a job which places you in another city or country pulling you out of your comfort zone.

9. Buying a car or a motorcycle if you prefer completely on your own-without any help from parents or siblings.

10. Setting a goal to lose weight or get your body in shape because why not?

11. Living the pleasure of solving a problem all by yourself- without the advice or approval of people around you.

12. Getting back to continuing your education most probably completing your masters if that gives you any happiness or if you feel it is important.

13. Making a huge physical change which you always wanted to such as a new makeover or a tattoo or maybe a major haircut.

14. Quitting your job to chase your dreams or just quitting a perfect job (good salary) just because it was making you unhappy.

15. Spending holidays with friends somewhere far instead of family.

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16. Buying your first travel tickets all on your own without begging parents.

17. Go on a long road trip and change a tire on the side of the road all by yourself.

18. Going on a vacation with the love of your life.


19. Getting interested in politics and developing your own strong political because you are past the age where you could stay naïve and need to pay attention to problems your country faces.

20. Having some luxury that you like to spend your hard-earned money on a bottle of expensive wine or visit an absurd restaurant.

21. Confessing love to someone without knowing if they love you back or not.

22. Travelling to places you always wanted to and bearing all expenses all by yourself.

23. Reaching the level of maturity where you can accept you’re wrong.

24. Reaching to the point where you make appointments of doctors on your own that is without your mother insisting for it.

25. Getting to the point when you look at teenagers and feel happy that you’re past that stage or wish you could go back to that stage.

25 Important Milestones To Reach In Life (Besides Getting Married)
Milestones To Reach In Life (Besides Getting Married)
Important Milestones Reach In Life pin


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