15 Enlightening TED Talks on Emotional Intelligence

15 Enlightening TED Talks on Emotional Intelligence


TED Talk 12. The Importance of Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child | Erika Brodnock 

Erika Brodnock, founder and owner of Karisma Kidz, shares her vulnerable story on mental health and how it sparked the idea of starting up a program for children. Karisma Kidz is a program for kids to overcome their difficulties using play and positivity. 

She stresses on the importance of positive affirmation and reinforcement for children in a digestible manner. The seeds that are planted in the minds of these young ones are certain to bear great fruit in their adulthood. Erika Brodnock wants to see these children grow to live with less stress and practice positive affirmation throughout their life. 


TED Talk 13. Emotional Intelligence From a Teenage Perspective | Maximilian Park

Maximillian Park speaks on the topic of the need for emotional intelligence among teenagers in school. He stresses on the need for the skills provided by a level of E.Q to be present in the environment of a classroom. 

He mentions that he put in much personal effort to raise his level of E.Q, and encourages us to imagine a school curriculum in which these skills were actually built. According to Daniel Goleman in his book A Force For Good, this is the dream of the Dalai Lama. The generations to come could live in a more emotionally and environmentally conscious world where compassion and empathy are practiced everyday. 

Parents and teachers becoming more aware of the skills in positive psychology that are available to assist in raising kids with emotional intelligence is an aspiration being sought after by The Center of Positive Education. 


TED Talk 14. The People Currency: Practicing Emotional Intelligence | Jason Bridges 

Jason Bridges shares his personal story of how he built his E.Q after a traumatic brain injury. He came to understand through his struggle that the relationships he built with the people around his was a vital part of building success. 

A key element of Bridges’ different businesses is that he applied and made his employees aware of the skills of emotional intelligence. 

He encourages us to start out small with something as simple yet powerful as a smile to initiate building levels of emotional intelligence. Smiling offers and lets others smile as well which increases the EQ tremendously. This practice builds social awareness, self awareness, empathy and relationships. 

“Be interested, not interesting,” is a motto that Bridges teaches and uses for those seeking a higher level of EQ. 


TED Talk 15. Emotional Intelligence : Using the Laws of Attraction | Dr. D.Ivan Young 

Dr. D. Ivan Young delivers a talk on the value of your connection to your subconscious mind. By putting in effort and improving presence in the moment to moment meaning, your manifestation of desires can be realized. Aligning thoughts with desired values needs a deeper understanding of your emotions, which will be followed by action that will ultimately change the course of your life. 

What you desire to be present in your life are all subconsciously attracted through your thoughts, emotions and actions. This means that you can change your life with the power of mindful presence.


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15 Enlightening TED Talks on Emotional Intelligence
15 Enlightening TED Talks on Emotional Intelligence

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