Self-injury: Myths vs Facts

Self injury Myths vs Facts

Self-injury: Myths vs Facts


• It’s for attention

• It’s a girl problem

• It’s a suicide “gesture”

• Anyone who does it is a “cutter”

• It’s a teenage problem and just a phase


• People self-injure for a variety of reasons, but very few do it for attention. And if you think it’s for attention ask yourself: “What are they trying to communicate?”

• Males also self-injure. In fact, girls and women are only slightly more likely to self-injure than boys and men.

• By definition, self-injury or “nonsuicidal sell injury” (NSSI) is not a suicide behavior. However, it is a risk factor for suicidal thoughts & behaviors.

• Cutting is just one form of self-injury And there are no “cutters, there are only PEOPLE who cut. We are not defined by our behaviors.

• About 6% of adults have self-injured, and without help or if left untreated, the behavior may persist.
– Dr. Nicholas Westers


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