Consistency Is the Only Thing I Desire From You

Consistency Is the Only Thing

There will be days when we both will not be at our best, even in those days I want you to be there for me like I would be there for you. I do not demand a lot of things from you. But the only thing I want from you is consistency.

Consistency Is the Only Thing I Desire From You

I want you to wish me good morning, every single day, not only on those days when you are happy and cheerful or missing me to the core. I want you to snuggle me out of bed, every morning before we get ready for the day. Not only on the cold winter mornings but also on the summer mornings, every single morning.

I want you to text me good night, every single night and not only on those nights when I am coming back home from a night out. I want you to protect me even when you know there is no chance of risk. I want you to care for me even when I am fine and healthy. I want you to ask me about my whereabouts even on days you knew where I would be.

I want you to pay attention to me, to notice the trivial most changes in my mood, my appearances, and my actions. I do not want attention from you to drive away from my insecurities and compete with other people to gain appreciation from you, I want it because I deserve it from you. Understand my needs without me expressing it, or without you failing to comprehend it.

Communicate with me, hold a conversation with me at the end of every single day, not only on days when you feel frustrated and lost but also on days you feel happy. I want to be a part of your life, every single day, not only on days you need me or on days you feel empty.

I want your actions to match your words. I want to feel your love in your actions, even on days when I am in great shape. I want to be held and comforted on days I am at my worst. I want to feel the touch of your loving hands, every single day. I don’t want to feel like an option. I want you to choose me every single day, not only on your whims.

I want to be your special someone – someone for whom your attention, care, and love is exclusive. I want you to help me out to make decisions about things that really matter to me. I want to be your only one. I want to be the center of your world. I want you to have your opinions regarding things that are dear to me.

I want your undivided attention and unbroken promise and your consistent effort. I want you to have patience with me on days I am messed up. I want you to repeatedly remind me of your actions that you are here to stay and not abandon me when I most need you. I want you to appreciate and approve of the efforts I give to make you happy. I want you to love being with me. I want your happiness, your smile and also your sadness. I want to experience the entire spectrum of emotions with you by my side.

I want you to consistently feel for me. Because consistency means you are willing to be considerate of me and create a lasting bond with me. Consistency means that you are going to stick to me even on days you get nothing in return. I want you to be mindfully in love with me. By consistency, I do not mean you to tell me ‘I love you’ over and over again but to make me feel loved, equally and potently every single day.

Consistency means you will try and try until you are successful in sorting things out between us, anything and everything that comes between us. Consistency means not giving up on us at any cost.


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