10 Ways You Push Her Away Without Realizing It

10 ways you push her away

The more you push her away, the more you are chipping away at your own happiness. The more you push her away, the more she will give up on you.

It’s time you learned: you’re pushing women away, even when you want them close. 

I was once interviewed for an article on Fox News Los Angeles, the author of which finds herself immersed in the LA dating scene (which, as you can imagine, is unique).

We discussed some recent experiences that she has had with men, and while some of them were a little different from what I usually hear, some of them were also consistent with issues that I felt I had discussed multiple times before with multiple different women about multiple different men. What does this mean?

It means there are consistencies. There are, for some reason, mistakes that many men (probably myself included) are making when it comes to being in a relationship. In this article, we will discuss some of them in order to help all of us become more aware of where we can improve, and work to become better.

Here Are 10 Ways You Push Her Away Without Realizing It

1. You have never really learned about women.

This has always surprised me a little bit. People (men and women) spend years of their life learning about business, history, science, and whatever subject comes our way. But when it comes to the one thing every single one of us shares — relationships — many are generally clueless.

Time is not taken to observe, talk to, or learn about the opposite sex.

The more effort you put into learning about women, particularly the one in your life, the more likely you are to be in tune with her feelings, emotions, likes, and dislikes. This will of course lead to a smoother, happier relationship because you can anticipate her wants and needs in order to act on them.

You don’t need to be a mind reader, you just need to put in a little effort. 

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2. You spend too much time trying to sell yourself.

This is to say, you spend far too much time talking about yourself and not enough time learning about her. Dating is not supposed to be a sales pitch where you try to convince the person on the other end of the table that you’re their best option.

It’s about mutual learning and figuring out whether or not you are both a match for each other.

You have two ears and one mouth for a reason: Listen twice as much as you speak.

3. You don’t make her a priority.

More than one conversation I have had recently has focused on men who were either so submerged in their career, business, friends, or other interests that they barely made time to spend with their own girlfriend.

As an entrepreneur, I understand the importance of focusing on business and progress, but I also understand the beauty and depth a relationship can bring to your life and the importance of playing your equal role in it.

The woman in your life wants to feel valued. She wants to feel adored. She wants you to be emotionally present when you are with her. She doesn’t need to have you around constantly, but of course, she wants to feel loved, just like you do.

If you stop putting in effort to make the woman in your life feel special every day, you lose your right to complain when someone else does.

10 Ways You Push Her Away Without Realizing It
Push her away without realizing it

4. You didn’t work to build a foundation.

A foundation of friendship and trust is essential to every relationship, much like a first building, a foundation is essential to building a house. Without it, things may look solid from the outside but will be crumbling from the inside.

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