How Memory Problems Causes Arguments In Relationships

How Memory Problems Causes Arguments

Your story feels accurate, but when rehashing issues, things become distorted. Read on to know how memory problem causes arguments in relationships.

Your Memory Is Deceptive

Shelby and Stan (names have been changed) were arguing in front of me over an incident at her parents’ house. “We went there for a family barbecue after we first started dating,” Shelby reported. “Stan was just getting to know my family, and he ended up losing his temper and embarrassing me in front of everyone. It was a catastrophe!”

“Her little brother is a twerp, and he came up and pulled my shorts down around my ankles,” said Stan. “He thought this was hysterical, but I was mad.”

“So you hurt him,” Shelby said. “You Hulked out and tackled him and he ended up with bruises and is now freaked out by you. My parents were wondering what kind of guy I brought over.”

“Your parents should have been wondering about what kind of teenager they were raising.” Stan snapped. “Your brother was a spoiled punk, and I didn’t tackle him. I just chased him and put him in a little headlock. He needed to learn his lesson, and he wasn’t hurt, he just had a couple of scuffs.”

“He was bleeding and crying! You almost killed him!”

“I barely touched him, and he was laughing!”

“Everyone was shocked at what you did!”

“No one cared! They thought he deserved it!”

Have you done this in your relationship?
Recounted the same event but had different versions of it?
Have you become frustrated at your partner’s inaccuracies in memory?
How could they be so wrong about basic facts?
Are they lying or just confused?

They are probably just doing the same thing you’re doing, which is remembering something incompletely.

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Memory is not a video that replays the same way each time. It is like an improvisational play, where themes and events are reworked slightly with each performance.

Professor Ulrick Neisser did an impromptu experiment after the space shuttle Challenger exploded in 1986. The day after the disaster, he asked his class of 106 students to write down where they were when they heard about it.

Listening to 5 to 10 songs a day can improve memory
How Memory Problems Causes Arguments In Relationships

Three years later he asked these students the same thing. Over 90% of the accounts changed, and about half of them were inaccurate in at least two-thirds of the details. The revised memories had supplanted the earlier, more accurate ones, but the new ones still felt true. One student was shown her first description, written three years earlier, and said, “I know that’s my handwriting, but I couldn’t possibly have written that.”

Memories are shaped by feelings that existed at the time, but also by the way the memory is retrieved.

For example, how someone asks a question will influence the details of an event. Elizabeth Loftus showed participants a short movie of an auto accident, and afterward, asked them questions, but discovered that the words she used influenced what observers remembered.

For instance, she asked people how fast the car was going when it hit the other car. But when she changed the word “hit,” to “smashed,” the estimates of speed were higher. More people remembered seeing broken glass when she asked the “smashed” version as well.

sometimes a perfect memory can be ruined if put to words
How Memory Problems Causes Arguments In Relationships

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If Memory Serves …

If a partner recalls a story while angry, the details will be more negative. Brains fill in gaps to support the angry version, and memory serves its owner. Details that don’t fit are dropped, and others are added to make the memory coherent and pleasing.

It only takes a few days after an event for the details to change. Stan and Shelby may have had similar initial memories of when Stan mooned the barbecue, but their current marriage problems were darkening these recollections. Now Stan remembers Shelby being biased and critical, and she remembers him as extreme and violent.

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