3 Love Blocking Mistakes To Avoid For A Long Lasting Relationship

3 Love Blocking Mistakes To Avoid For A Long Lasting Relationship

The world of dating, love and relationships is still a mystery to most. The key to solving this mystery lies in your darkest secrets and revealing your true self.

If there are pain and distance in your relationship – or if you’re stuck with no relationship at all – chances are you’re making things worse without even realizing it.

In fact, the very things you think will create closeness and connection are likely the very things making it impossible to have the type of relationship you’re yearning for.

After counseling thousands of struggling couples and frustrated singles, I’ve discovered the true secret to creating unbreakable intimacy.

If you want to create lasting love with that one special person who makes your heart soar, I can help you make that a reality.

But first you have to STOP making these love-blocking mistakes:

Love-Blocking Mistake #1: You Hide Who You Really Are

If you’re dating and you’ve met someone you really like, you spend each date trying to appear as easygoing and likable as possible.

In your online profile, you don’t post the goofy picture of yourself dancing to show tunes, and you go along with your date’s movie pick even though you really can’t stand action films.

The last thing you want to do is rock the boat or appear high maintenance or needy.

Instead, you present the most perfect picture possible.

This approach may get you a second date and even the start of a relationship, but sooner or later, you won’t be able to keep up the act.

Your partner has fallen in love with a fantasy, not the real you. What’s more, you will forever be in a state of anxiety, living with the fear of knowing that the mask can drop at any given moment.

Love-Blocking Mistake #2: You’re Not Honest About What You Want

You’ve always wanted to get married and have a family, but you keep mum about this to your dates. You don’t want to scare them off.

If you’re already in a relationship, you don’t admit to your partner that you’d rather stay in tonight than go out. If you disagree with him or her it might lead to an argument.

You’d rather give in and “compromise” than creating any grief.

But if you’re just going along with things to keep the peace, you’re shutting down an important part of yourself in the process, and you’re digging yourself a hole of pain.

You may be in a relationship for decades, but it’s not one that makes you feel fulfilled, or propels you to be all you were meant to be.

Gradually, you’ll build up a well of resentment that drives an enormous wedge between you and your partner.

Love-Blocking Mistake #3: You Prioritize Security Over Adventure

Being left by your partner or staying single is a scary prospect, and you want to avoid it at all costs.

In an attempt to hold on to a relationship, you become hypervigilant.

If you see an attractive woman at your boyfriend’s office, your antenna goes up.

All of a sudden… you start trying to control his actions. Instead of talking about what’s on your mind, you give him an attitude for going to happy hour with his team.

Or if he starts showing interest in a new hobby, you get suspicious and begrudge the time he spends away from you.

In the meantime, you curb your own passions because you don’t want to divert any attention away from your partner.

But these attempts to hold on to your relationship actually become the main reason it starts falling apart.

Your partner starts to feel stifled. The exciting, feel-good energy that initially brought you together completely disappears.

The very nightmare you were trying to avoid – him wanting more space from you – starts to become a reality.

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