The Kind Of Man You Should Date, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Are you tired of crappy dates? What type of man you should date? Wondering if you’ll ever meet the man of your dreams? Will you have to settle for some average Joe?

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Well, not really. But sometimes what you believe is good for you might not be the best for you. This is why learning about your zodiac sign and understanding which signs are the most compatible for you can help you find Mr. Right.

With the help of astrology, you can find a funny, loyal & caring man who will love you for who you are and treat you the way you deserve to be treated. No more wasting time by going on dates that lead to nowhere. You can finally be with someone who is just your type that can lead to a serious and meaningful relationship.

Will you ever meet the perfect guy?

Yes, you will. Although it may seem that you will never meet a special someone who will love you the way you should be but you will. Your zodiac sign can help you find out which type of guy will be compatible with you and will be attracted to you.

If you feel like you will never find the perfect guy, then you will be glad to know that every zodiac has an ideal astrology match according to their horoscope. Yes, I know what you are thinking. Why haven’t you met this perfect guy yet if he is out there waiting for you? Well, that’s because it’s not the right time yet. Let me explain.

Ever heard of the old adage “life is a journey”? Life is about the experiences that we gather by making mistakes, learning from them and doing things right. This process of trial and error helps us find ourselves and understand what we truly want from life. Right now you may want a guy who is cute, funny and loving. But eventually you may realize that you actually want to be with someone who understands you, genuinely cares for, allows you to be yourself and guides you when need him to.  And this realization can only come through experience and maturity. Experience in making mistakes. Experience in dating the wrong guys until you are sure about what you actually want. And when you finally reach that stage in life when you just know, you will meet him and feel that spark that you’ve been looking for so long. Makes sense?

This is why finding the perfect guy takes a little time. It takes a few mistakes and trial and error to finally be with who you are meant to be with according to your zodiac. That means you have to go through a few more bad dates to finally end up in a lasting and loving relationship

What type of man you should date according to your zodiac?

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You already know what type of boyfriend you need. Irrespective of what image and persona you have in your mind for the perfect boyfriend, you certainly deserve the best of the best. And to know the best you need to know about a person before you actually know about a person. Wait…what? It means knowing the characteristics and qualities in a guy with the help of astrology before you actually meet someone. Once you know what type of man is compatible with your zodiac, you can easily compare them with your crush. Sounds smart, right?

So leave it to astrology to find the perfect guy for your zodiac sign. So here is the kind of man you should date based on your zodiac.


1. ARIES (March 21 – April 19) 

You deserve: An intellectual man

The perfect man for you: Aries women are highly independent & logical. To them, every single thing needs to make sense. As an Aries, you are a deep thinker and enjoy your own company. Hence, you should date a creative and thoughtful man who would engage you in long intellectual conversations. You are more likely to be attracted to his intelligence than his looks or appearance. However, you value honesty and confidence in a man as well. You deserve a man who will love you unconditionally and passionately. The perfect guy for an Aries woman needs to understand her and love as passionately as she would. He should also love you for everything you are without feeling the need to change or “improve” you. When you can feel that he loves the good, bad and ugly in you, you will know that he’s the perfect one.

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