The Kind Of Man You Should Date Based On Your Zodiac Sign


The Kind Of Man You Should Date Based On Zodiac Signs

Are you tired of crappy dates? What kind of man you should date? Wondering if you’ll ever meet the perfect guy? The man you deserve?

Yes, you will. Although it may seem that you will never meet a special someone who will love you the way you should be loved, you will.

Finding the perfect guy takes a little time. It takes a few mistakes and trial and error to finally be with who you are meant to be according to your zodiac.

That means you have to go through a few more bad dates to finally end up in a lasting and loving relationship.

Your zodiac sign can help you find out which type of guy will be compatible with you and will be attracted to you.

Who You Should Date Based On Your Zodiac Sign? Find The Man You Should Date Now!

Here is your ideal date based on zodiac signs:

1. ARIES (March 21 – April 19) 

Date an intellectual man

The perfect man for you: Aries women are highly independent & logical. To them, every single thing needs to make sense. As an Aries, you are a deep thinker and enjoy your own company.

Hence, you should date a creative and thoughtful man who would engage you in long intellectual conversations. You are more likely to be attracted to his intelligence than his looks or appearance.

However, you value honesty and confidence in a man as well. You deserve a man who will love you unconditionally and passionately. The perfect guy for an Aries woman needs to understand her and love as passionately as she would.

He should also love you for everything you are without feeling the need to change or “improve” you. When you can feel that he loves the good, bad and ugly in you, you will know that he’s the perfect one.

You should avoid:

If a man feels intimidated by you and tries his best to hold you back in your personal life or career, then you need to tell him that it’s over for good.

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2. TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

Date a strong-willed man

The perfect man for you: Perhaps the most indulgent zodiac sign, a Taurus loves her guilty pleasures. You are a committed, loyal, and active partner in a relationship and expect the same from your man.

You want a man who is romantic, passionate, and as indulgent as you are. You also want your man to be strong-willed, as you are highly attracted to men who can hold their own.

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You deserve a man who will take the time to know everything about you and will gladly take your relationship to the next level. The perfect guy for you will know that you like to take things slow and try to make you comfortable first before moving ahead.

When you realize that he is the man you want to be with, he will woo you with big romantic gestures. As he will understand what love means to you, he will never rush you or force you to do what you don’t want to.

You should avoid:

If you are with a man who is irrational and reckless and is not bothered about how their actions may impact you or others, then you need to drop him immediately.

3. GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)

Date a straightforward, honest man

The perfect man for you: As a Gemini woman, you are always open to try new things. As social and adventurous person, you want your man to keep up with you regardless of how demanding the situation is.

You prefer a man you deserve who is not afraid of speaking his mind and can come directly to the point without wasting any time.

However, you also want him to be funny, playful and charming as well. He needs to be a fun-loving person so that he can make your adventures even more exciting. The perfect guy for you needs to have a sparkling personality and a big heart.

If a man wants to win your heart, then he needs to have the whole package. He should know how to fascinate and hypnotize you and the people you care about.

Your perfect man will not only be your best friend but also charm your family all the while making you feel like the special lady that you are.

When he makes your heart pound, tongue-tied, blush and gives you butterflies in the stomach on a daily basis, you know you’ve got the perfect man.

You should avoid:

Being a Gemini woman, you are famous for your mood swings. If your guy is unable to handle your fluctuating moods, then it will lead to sad end for your relationship. You need a man who is patient and accepting of you.

4. CANCER (June 21 – July 22)

Date a kind, sensitive man

The perfect man for you: You are a sensitive and kind-hearted woman who should date a kind man. A man who is sensitive, soft, and emotionally available like you. A man who takes care of his own feelings just like everyone else’s.

Being a Cancer woman, you always want the best for your man. This is why you need to be with a man who will not take advantage of you.

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A man who is like you in many ways; a man who is sincere, honest, and loves to be his own. A man who knows how to nurture a healthy relationship.

For you, the perfect guy will be the man who understands you, realizes what you’re going through in life, and doesn’t judge you.

He will not think of you as being needy when you take things too far, especially when you are feeling low.

The right guy for you will be your savior who will be there for you whenever you need him. You want to develop a deep emotional connection with your man and he should be able to sort things out for you when you find yourself in a mess.

You should be able to lean on him no matter what the situation is. Moreover, he should also be able to handle it when you throw tantrums.

You should avoid:

As a Cancer woman, you have a difficult time with processing your emotions. If a man is not bothered about your feelings or tries to acknowledge your different emotions, then it can quickly turn your relationship toxic.

5. LEO (July 23 – August 22)

Date a motivated and flirtatious man

The perfect man for you: Your want your man to be motivated and loyal just like you. A Leo woman should date a man who is as straightforward as her but he must also be generous, know how to flirt and have fun.

The perfect guy for a Leo is a confident and self-assured man. You definitely don’t want to end up with a needy insecure man who is always worried about the relationship.

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Your perfect guy will be confident about the relationship and knows how to stand up for himself and for you.

As you are a strong woman yourself, you need your man to be your equal and not dependent on you. Leo women deserve men who can stand by them through thick and thin.

However, he should also know how to keep things light and fun as you want him to flirt with you every single day.

A flirtatious and playful guy will make sure that boredom and monotony doesn’t ruin your relationship. He will be motivated to keep things fresh and going.

You should avoid:

Stay away from any man who tries to undermine your sense of self-worth or your dignity as you deserve to be treated like a queen.

6. VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

Date a patient man

The perfect man for you: Women under this zodiac sign are mysterious yet thoughtful. As you find it difficult to open up to someone, you should date a man who will be patient with you. Being a Virgo woman, you have a hard time trusting people.

Hence, it is crucial that your man is patient and understanding. If your man can wait for you to open up, you will surely make it worth the wait.

Your ideal man should also be very humble and supportive of your life’s choices. Life is hard. So your man needs to stand by your side through the thick and thin of life.

You don’t want a man who will disappear during the tough times. All you seek in a relationship are trust, support and companionship. So your man needs to be sensitive enough to nurture your delicate soft heart with love and admiration. 

You should avoid:

If your man doesn’t support you and make you feel confident, then you need to drop them fast.

7. LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

Date a loyal, open-minded man

The perfect man for you: Libra women are very motivated, stubborn and headstrong. They are also very logical individuals who analyze every situation before coming to a decision. However, it mostly depends on the people a Libra is dealing with.

Being a Libra, you should date a man who is loyal, open-minded and adaptable as it will give you the scope to be yourself. You also deserve a man who has excellent communication skills and can speak his mind confidently.

You absolutely detest unclear and vague opinions and answers which leads to further anxiety. It’s not that your partner needs to be very eloquent but you need him to express his thoughts, opinions and emotions openly without being vague.

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However, the trait that you want the most in your partner is loyalty. As you are a perfectionist, you are always busy analyzing the smallest details. And you don’t need to be in a relationship that adds to your worries.

Knowing that your man is loyal, keeps his promises, and will stick with you even through the toughest phases will give you the mental peace you seek so desperately. He should also be able to envision a future with you.

But most of all, you need him to be your best friend, first and foremost. You just want to go on a date with your best friend with whom you can talk openly and be your natural self.

A best friend you are deeply in love with. You want your relationship to be built on loyalty, honesty, friendship, and trust.

You should avoid:

You are not interested in men who just want to keep things casual as you want a meaningful lasting relationship. As you have a big heart, you hate selfish men who only look after themselves.

8. SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

Date a passionate, caring man

The perfect man for you: As you are a sexual and intense woman, you should date a man who knows how to treat you right and take care of you. You should date a man who can effectively match your level of passion both in the relationship and in life.

As you tend to act first and think later, your man should be able to take good care of you. Although you know how to deal with your problems and care for yourself, your perfect man should be by your side when you really need him.

When you are down or lost, he should make you feel confident and treat you like the queen you are.

He should be patient with you, know how to have fun and have the ability to make every single day memorable by doing the small things right.

It is the moments that matter the most to you. And so your perfect guy should be able to create the best memories of your life without being asked.

Apart from being caring, a Scorpio woman deserves a man who is as passionate as her. As you are a sexual fun loving person, a careful partner will complement your crazy nature.

You need a man you deserve who will be patient with you, be forgiving, and knows how to calm you when you get a little too crazy.

You should avoid:

Being a resourceful woman, you love taking action. Hence, you need to stay away from men who are passive by nature as you will end up frustrated.

9. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

Date a sensual, humorous man

The perfect man for you: The carefree and adventurous Sagittarius woman has simple needs when it comes to choosing a life partner. She wants a man who knows how to be funny and is passionate & sensual.

Always open to trying something new, you need a man who is as active and fun-loving as you are. But most of all, you simply love a man who is playful, sensual and can make you laugh in any situation.

The man you should date should be a child at heart who will be ready for anything under the sun from an unplanned road trip to a tickle fight in the middle of the night.

He should also be reliable and always be there for you even when you call him at the oddest hours.

The perfect guy will be happy to hear your voice every time you call him. He should have the ability to make you smile and laugh at any time of the day and make anything exciting whether it’s curling up to watch a horror movie or folding laundry.

You perfect man needs to be able to make you feel better even when you have a bad day. Although he doesn’t need to solve your problems he should be there to make you feel loved and valued.

As a Sagittarius woman, you don’t have high demands from your man as long as he is funny, sensible, and sensual. All you want is a normal man to live a normal life full of happiness, challenges, and opportunities.

You should avoid:

Being a creative and free-spirited person, you want space in your relationship. So stay away from men who cannot respect your boundaries, need for personal space, and will probably make you feel trapped in the romantic relationship.

10. CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19) 

Date a fun-loving, hard-working man

The perfect man for you: As a Capricorn woman, you tend to be smart and serious. This is why you should date a man knows how to make you relax and have fun.

However, your ideal man should also be hardworking as you connect on a deeper level with people who are a lot like you.

So a fun-loving, energetic, and diligent man who can provide you a sense of security in the relationship will be perfect for you.

He should also respect your choices and your need for independence. Being a hardworking man himself, he will realize that you work hard in your career and life and will not feel insecure or neglected.

The perfect guy for you will make you feel loved and wanted and will always be there for you, even when you keep things casual.

He should be able to love you unconditionally even though you don’t feel like opening your heart to him immediately just to protect yourself. He will always make you feel loved and protected and patiently wait for you to open your heart to him.

However, he also needs to be entertaining to help you see the lighter side of life.

You should avoid:

You will be highly incompatible with a man who is impulsive as you take decisions and actions after carefully considering and thinking about every aspect.

11. AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

Date a charming, sensual man

The perfect man for you: Aquarius women deserve charming and sexually active men as they themselves are highly sensual individuals. You are a creative person and love to use your creative skills in the bedroom as well.

You should date a man who is adventurous and can easily attract you using his charisma. An attractive man, both inside and outside, is the perfect match for you. He should be able to make you feel confident  and himself should be proud of you.

The ideal guy needs to have the confidence to introduce you as his partner to the entire world. A passionate and charming man who is sociable will be able to keep things fun for you for a long time to come.

The perfect guy should also be able to strike up deep conversations about life, love, and you, frequently engaging in heart to heart discussions.

He will talk about every single thing about you and stare deep into your eyes until your souls meet. However, he should also be a patient man and will be always there to listen to you as he will realize how truly special you are.

You should avoid:

You need to stay away from men who are driven by their ego and try to dominate and control you by using manipulative tactics as you are an independent woman.

12. PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

Date a romantic, compassionate man

The perfect man for you: Being a Pisces woman, you should date a compassionate and truly romantic man who will know exactly how to steal your heart.

As you are a creative, introspective, and emotional person, you need your man to be as honest and thoughtful as you are.

As your emotional nature often makes you vulnerable, your man should respect that and take care of you without taking advantage of that.

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He should be able to understand every aspect of your personality and love you for the way you are. Your perfect man should have a conventional approach to love and relationships.

You need someone who will take the time and effort to woo and court you with the words of love and romantic actions. He will make you feel warm, appreciated, and special every single day. He will always manage time to love you and value you.

You should avoid:

You need to steer clear from guys who will take you for granted, exploit your emotional nature, and make you feel unappreciated and insecure.

Regardless of our zodiac, all of us deserve a loving and caring man who will respect us, support us, and allow us to be our true selves.

Astrology helps you to understand who you need to seek and offers you some clarity as love and relationships can be highly complicated.

You deserve the absolute best in life irrespective of your past experiences and I truly believe you will meet your perfect guy sooner than later.

Keep believing in love.

So, what kind of man should you date based on zodiac signs? Comment below!

 man you deserve
The Kind Of Man You Should Date, Based On Your Zodiac Sign
Kind Of Man You Should Date Zodiac Sign Pin
Who You Should Date Based On Your Zodiac Sign
kind of man you should date based on your zodiac sign pin detail
The Kind Of Man You Should Date
The Kind Of Man You Should Date: Who You Should Date Based On Your Zodiac Sign
The Kind Of Man You Should Date Based On 12 Zodiac Signs
Who You Should Date Based On Your Zodiac Sign? Find The Man You Should Date Now!
Kind Of Man You Should Date Based On Zodiac dp
Who You Should Date Based On Your Zodiac Sign? Find The Man You Should Date Now!
man you should date
Ideal Date Based On Zodiac Signs
man you should date
The Kind Of Man You Should Date Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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