The Kind Of Girlfriend You Are Based On Your Birth Order

Kind Of Girlfriend Birth Order

Your birth-order hierarchy strongly influences your personality while growing up, which dictates what kind of girlfriend you are in future relationships. Birth order plays a crucial role in the experiences we have as children, the type of connections we have with our siblings, and these things are key to our character development. Influences during our formative years stay with us forever and determine the quality of all our relationships.

1. Firstborn

Firstborns love nothing more than a chance to shower their boyfriends with motherly affection. Having been the responsible elder sister protecting the younger siblings all her life, she naturally grows up to be a conscientious woman. Her caring nature reflects on her romantic relationships. 

Firstborns like ensuring that their man is well fed and looked after, and prioritize their partners’ comfort at all times. They are girlfriends who enjoy being nurturing and helpful. 

Firstborns are the take-charge types who like power and control in domestic matters. They aren’t necessarily bossy; however, they are particular about instructions. So, will there be tiffs about household chores not being done according to her ways? Yes, sometimes. But the eldest sibling has decent negotiation skills, so expect more discussions than full-blown fights.

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2. Somewhere in the Middle

They could neither be the number one nor the baby in the family; hence middleborns are girlfriends who love being the center of attention.  While having to deal with a controlling sister on the one hand and a needy child on the other, they felt somewhat left out. The attention middleborns missed out while growing up, they try to fulfill through their romantic relationships. Hence, middleborns seek reassurance and praise from their boyfriends at all times. They just want to be someone’s favorite. This need drives them to develop a people-pleasing attitude. But that works fine because this nature makes a middleborn girlfriend try hard to keep her boyfriend happy! Which man doesn’t secretary wish for such a proactive girlfriend trying hard to please him all day?

Her downsides are that she can get jealous and secretive if she feels insecure, and her insecurities are triggered easily. But at the end of the day, she is understanding and loving, and you can enjoy a very stable relationship with her.

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3. Youngest

The entire family babies the youngest ones; they are used to being the apple of their eye. They are pampered way longer than their siblings, that too by all the members of the family. Their sense of responsibility is almost nonexistent because they are so used to being treated like treasured babies.

Everyone in her family always took care of her needs, so high chances she’ll expect the same from her partner. The practical implications of this may include her partner having to take charge of all the housework while she acts as a helping hand. She might be high maintenance, and stubborn too, wanting things done her way.

Despite being a spoilt child, no one brings more fun and life into a relationship than a firstborn girl! She is adventurous and joyous by nature, enlivening everything with her youthful spark. Trust her to keep the magic in the relationship alive! You’ll never be bored with a firstborn, and she’ll make you fall in love with your inner child too.

4. Twins

Many believe that romance blossoms between two people only after they have reached the “best friends” stage. Well, that is impossible if you’re dating a twin. It is essential to understand that she has had a best friend since birth, and its best not to try to take that place as it might do more harm than good in your relationship.

Harsh truth- it is going to be a constant challenge to enjoy the same level of closeness she experiences with her twin. It’s easy to feel neglected being in the shadow of a person you can’t even begin to compete with. 

If you’re a twin reading this- be careful that you unintentionally don’t make your guy feel that you’re careless with him. 

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