Why The Girl With No Chill Is The Best Girlfriend You’ll Ever Have

Why The Girl With No Chill Is The Best Girlfriend You’ll Ever Have

Everyone wants to be a chill girl.

But the girl with no chill is another wildness.

She cares—and that makes her the appealing, desirable and loving girlfriend that she is:

10 Reasons Why The Girl with no chill is the best girlfriend you will ever have

1. She’s passionate.

When she loves something she gives all of herself to it. She is not half-hearted in her actions. The feisty fervor she puts in everything is enough to floor you, every time you behold her.

She is passionate, hardworking and she achieves all she gives her efforts to. Her passion is infectious; don’t be surprised if you are intoxicated by her endless zeal for life.


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2. She’s not afraid to take the lead sometimes.

Who wants to plan every date?

The no-chill girl has her own suggestions for planning a perfect date for both of you—she’s not going to expect you to make all the big decisions.

You might end up feeling all gooey by her ability you pamper you during a date.


3. She knows what she wants.

Isn’t it such an amazingly attractive quality in a woman?

She knows what she exactly wants. She settles for nothing less or more than what she feels she deserves.

She’s not your go-with-the-flow, let’s-not-put-labels-on-things kind of girl. She is all expressive about the rawness of her feelings for you. If she has chosen you, it’s because she wanted you.

She’s the kind of girl who’s proud of the guy she’s chosen.


4. She won’t flake on you.

She’s not to type to be casually “chilling with” a roster of guys.

If some guy seems to be a playboy, is commitment-phobic, or is playing hard to get, she drops him right on the spot.

But if she likes you, she makes it clear. She doesn’t play hard to get. You will feel her all over the place if she is into you.


5. She’s honest about her needs.

You’ll never hear her sigh, and then reply “oh… nothing,” when you ask what’s wrong.

Passive aggression is not her defense mechanism.  She is not the drama queen you have been avoiding.  She is going to directly express her emotions to you; whether you appreciate it or not.

She might additionally give you feedback about what you can do to mend things between you both.


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6. She’s her own person.

You never want to date your own mini-version. She isn’t going to adopt your personality to lose her unique identity. She has a strong sense of self and she will preserve it.

She is aware of her needs and desires and is not ashamed to be vocal about it. You will see her as clear and transparent as water.


7. She’s always ready for an adventure.

This is no laid back chick who just wants to lie around swilling beer.

She is the happy-go-lucky girl who wants to live her life to the fullest – go for adventurous rides, visit exotic places, set up unforgettable dates and take place for lots of fun with you.


8. She doesn’t play games.

She doesn’t understand people who wait for strategic amounts of time before replying to a text.

She doesn’t use manipulative techniques just to get your attention. She is always genuine, indifferent to the negative opinions of others.

She could care less about the “rules” of modern dating, and she appreciates your real self.


9. She won’t sell out to seem “cool.”

Apart from feigning, she cares about everything else.

She’s unapologetically herself (and anyone who doesn’t like it can get out of her way). Her strong mental set is unperturbed by societal constraints.

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