5 Ways To Welcome Love Again In Life After A Heartbreak

5 Way To Welcome Love Again In Life After A Heartbreak

5 ways to love again after a heartbreak

A heartbreak can bring about a lot of changes in your life. It is one of a kind experience and it almost renders us unrecognizable. Emerging from heartbreak takes a lot of mental as well as physical energy. Followed by a heartbreak, we not only undergo an overwhelming and overbearing emotional upheaval but also lose hope, sink into pessimism and start holding extremely degrading attitudes towards relationships and people.

We start over-generalizing by thinking that every single person out there is heartless and about to destroy our mental peace. We loss hope on life and on connections. We believe that every relationship has the same fate.

Time does really heal. With time you will realize that your life is not centered around the breakup. It is not the end of the world. It is just another beginning. To begin living a new life, you have to be courageous, you have to take the risk, you have to step outside your comfort zone.

It is natural to feel all sorts of emotions that you undergo after a heartbreak – anger, bitterness, resentment, grudge. But love can be redefined, it can be found once again and it can be relieved.

Below are 5 ways in which you can welcome love once again in your life after a heartbreak:

1. Acceptance

Acceptance is the first stage of moving on. Some people are so emotionally devasted by heartbreak that they deny the fact that they have actually separated. They still keep going out of their ways to contact the other person, stalk their social media handles, try to convince the other person to reconcile.

Accept that the relationship is over. Remind this to yourself in words, “I and so are not together anymore”. Remind yourself that you and the other person are now two completely separate individuals and yours and the other person’s life is in no way entangled.

Stop visiting their social media accounts, stop contacting them, over gadgets or in person, try to get rid of any gifts that person gave you which was of any emotional value to you, delete their pictures a few at a time. Revisit old days and try to understand why the breakup happened. Forgive the other person if he/she had made any major mistakes to ruin the relationship. Above all, forgive yourself for any glitches on your part.

2. Give yourself some time to heal

This is the most crucial part and you should never rush this step. After separation, you will be inclined to feel lonely, heartbroken, disheartened and in need of love and care. It is quite easy to get connected to a new person due to your emotional vulnerability. Stop yourself from rushing into another relationship as most often, than not, this relationship will be a rebound, a means to get over your ex. This type of relationship never works out because it carries leftover feelings from the previously failed relationship. The other person might be serious about his/her feelings and you will simply end up hearting them and ending yourself both into a mess.

Discover yourself, instead. Engage in activities that you absolutely love. Explore your potential and give in to experimentation with your life.

3. Enjoy your single life

Being single is wonderful in so many different ways. Look here for instance:

  • You can discover yourself.
  • You can be independent.
  • You get lots of time to yourself for going things you love.
  • You can dedicate your free time with your friends and family.
  • You can pursue a new venture
  • You can go for travel tours.
  • You can be carefree, alive and lost.

You believe being loved, cared, protected by another person feels amazing, which is true. But being single and having the time to love yourself, compromise nothing and living a life of your choice is hell enthralling.

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4. Fall in love again

On one hand, immediate fall in love again after heartbreak is a means to fill the void, to replace the lost, on the other hand, falling in love on the journey to explore oneself is complementary. It is not a desperate desire to be whole after separation, it is just a beautiful side note to your already complete self.

Once you have taken the necessary time to heal yourself, meet lots of new people on your new journey. Do not settle for the first person that catches your eyes. Give yourself time to make meaningful connections before you decide to make them your life partner.

5. Be accepting of your new relationship

When you finally completely move on and look forward to a new relationship, treat it as what it is – a new relationship. Do not start comparing your new partner with your old one. Focus on the positive qualities of your new partner and the relationship. The last one is done and dusted, the present one is here to last.

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Do not start finding faults with your new partner just because the previous one was not the very best. Accept the new relationship with optimism and hope. You should trust your own and your new partner’s love to have the power to change both of your worlds.

If you keep holding on to the negativity of the precious relationship it will spoil the beauty of your present relationship. Remember, a new relationship is a new start.

5 Way To Welcome Love Again In Life After A Heartbreak
5 Way To Welcome Love Again In Life After A Heartbreak

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