The Reason Why Falling In Love Online Doesn’t Count

The Reason Why Falling In Love Online Doesn’t Count

Why Falling In Love Online Does not Count?

Been there, done that – and I am still wondering. Not that I am not sure about it, but when I do read a lot of argument against it, I question myself – Is this a story made inside my head – or does this have to do anything with REALITY too. Am I the single one odd here. Or do I have people like me around? The question here is – falling in love with someone you have never known earlier – via online interaction. I do personally feel it’s possible but yes – it might not every time be possible, or safe and sound.

There’s this movie PERFECT STRANGER, which had something very nice to say –

The Internet – It’s a world where you *think* actions have no consequence, where guilt is cloaked by anonymity, where there are no fingerprints. An invisible universe filled with strangers interconnected online and disconnected in life. It will steal your secrets, corrupt your dreams, and co-opt your identity. Because in this world, where you can be anything you want, any *one* you want, you just might lose sight of who you are.

While I was googling around – came across many such articles – talking all blah blah blah. I couldn’t really agree to any. And here is this one. Though it doesn’t support my idea (better-said experience ). But it does put light on a lot of things – that are ignored but very true. If you feel, you are falling for someone – as I did, maybe this article will help you cross-question your feelings.
Hope you find it useful too.
Well, we are indeed into an online relationship – Aren’t we?

Why Falling In Love Online Doesn’t Count

You cannot fall in love (strictly) online. Period. End of story. Full stop. True Love doesn’t happen like that.

I’m sure there’s a study out there somewhere (and if I wasn’t feeling like death as I write this—flu are fun!—I’d take the time to Google it for you gals) that says that in order for a true connection to take hold, humans need to be physically close to one another in order develop a love bond. It’s a physical consummation of the virtual vibe you’ve got going if you will. Not in a medieval marriage-sex kinda way, but psychical chemistry match to substantiate and confirm any emotional/mental connection you’ve developed while typing and texting.

Sure, you’ll sit there and tell me, “The thumbs don’t lie! I’ve never felt a connection  so strong!” Yeah. Well. You’ve never felt a connection like this  at all, because you  haven’t truly experienced  anything. You’ve just thought about it. Imagined what it would feel like. Typed it and expressed it verbally. Slept on it. Then got up and re-imagined it all over again via Twitter, Facebook, and G chat.

But if you haven’t actually met your mentally stimulating man, you literally have no clue how a real relationship could develop. No. Clue.

You don’t know how your hand will fit in his. You have no idea how his lips will land on yours. Will the conversation flow? Or will it falter? Is he as physically affectionate as he is verbally affectionate? And is that what you want? You won’t know his idiosyncrasies and whether they will drive you batty or get you hot ‘n’ bothered.

And you CERTAINLY are in the dark about how you two fair between the sheets.

If you don’t believe me, spend 30 minutes of your life watching an episode of MTV’s  Catfish.

And if that didn’t do it for you, here’s me getting real for a minute: This relationship? It’s synthetic. You created these feelings out of 0’s and 1’s. You created an emotional attachment to an idea—not a real person—and you filled in feelings where your mind-body-spirit chemistry would normally pick up and help out. Said emotions will seem perfect and super-real as FACK (hint: since you created them based on a fantasy, they are ideal), but don’t drink the Kool-Aid, sister. They are most certainly not the real-life real deal.  So, step away from the keyboard. Put down the Snapchat and Kik and schedule a coffee  date for crap’s sake. Because, really, why are you hiding behind the screen? What do you  fear most about meeting your information-highway hottie? Guess it’s time to power down , and find out.

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The Reason Why Falling In Love Online Doesn’t Count
The Reason Why Falling In Love Online Doesn’t Count


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