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Depression Struggles What You See What I Feel

Depression Struggles What You See

Depression Struggles
What You See

• Uncaring
• Pessimistic
• Weak
• Lazy

• Difficult
• Sadness
• Dramatic
• Fine
• Unhygienic

What I Feel
• I care, but it’s hard to show it. I feel like a burden, or I’m numb.

• Looking on the bright side doesn’t make depression better.
• It takes so much to get through the day. I’m doing my best.
• I want to contribute, but I feel frozen or drained of energy.
• I’m trying to get better, but it’s hard to find the right treatment.

• It’s not sad. It’s hopeless, numb, empty, drained. Complete despair.
• Depression doesn’t always make sense. I can’t snap out of it.
• I don’t always look depressed, but I’m still struggling inside.
• I put myself last to take care of other responsibilities. I’m trying.