Choose an Alchemical Symbol: Find Out What Your Soul Needs

Choose Alchemical Symbol Find Out What Your Soul Needs

3. The Moon 

Lunar Forces are associated with emotions and hidden truths.

The Problem: 

If you chose the Moon then your heart is a battlefield. Something powerful deep inside you cannot let you sleep or has just been awakened keep you also awake at nights. What’s this secret emotion that keeps you up all night? Is it Rage, Hate, Anger or just Passion? 

The Way Out: 

Your Spirit needs to find peace and the best way to achieve it is by exposing these emotions to the Sunlight = acknowledge their existence. Accepting them is the beginning. Secrecy is what makes dark emotions so powerful. When they are exposed, they cease to affect us that much. 

  • Advice: Learn to express your feeling. Hiding or suppressing them harm you.
  • Magical Advice: Try the Moon Portals.

4. The Key

Keys have always been associated with our perception on our Path of Life. 

The Problem: 

If you chose the Key then your Spirit desperately needs answers. The Path you are walking has made you question everything you once regarded as unquestionable. You may don’t know where to look or you may be tired of searching. At one point, you feel that nothing interests you right now. You may also feel bored. 

The Way Out: 

Now it’s time for the truth to shine like the Sun.  The Key represents your desire to open the Gates of other Realms and paths. Moreover, the Key is your spirit’s manifestation to help you transcend your current Life and look for more thrills and experiences. 

  • Advice: Find a way to travel. It will help you meet and communicate with other people. Reignite your Will for Adventures.
  • Magical Advice: Have you considered Traveling in the Astral Plane? 

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5. The Hamsa Hand

Hamsa Hand is associated with the Protection from Evil Forces. 

The Problem: 

If you chose the Hamsa Hand, then you are probably targeted by Evil Magic. Your Spirit thirsts for freedom. You may have already noticed some weird signs, trying to warn you about this situation. 

The Way Out: 

Moreover, Hamsa Hand, tells us that freedom, even in the darkest of times, lies in our own hands. It’s us who got trapped and it’s always up to us to set ourselves free. To do so, we need to embrace and forgive ourselves, for this time of weakness. This will empower the Love towards our Spirit, which frankly it is our Ultimate Power. 

  • Advice: Find time to relax and replenish your energy. 
  • Magical Advice: Try to banish the Evil Eye

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4 thoughts on “Choose an Alchemical Symbol: Find Out What Your Soul Needs”

  1. I choose the Moon, to love someone only to get your heart hurt isn’t good for a person especially when it happens alot, to be lied to is very hurtful on the heart, i just stay to myself anymore, whats the point of gettin hurt all the time, this way i guard and have built up a wall around mt heart, its easier to keep it this way.

  2. i choose the moon and it was pretty right on my heart has been a battlefield my whole life i have not allowed love to shine in because love will get you killed and hurt beyond what i can control so i dont want to feel like that for love because its only hurt.

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